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Everything you need to know about Dewey’s Pizza

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Dewey’s Pizza has only been open for just over a week in their new Grandview location, but they’re already building a strong following. Eric Kohl is the proprietor of the new shop, and old friends with the founder of this Cincinnati-based establishment.

Eric was kind enough to provide us with some details about the new shop for those who’ve not had time yet to try it out.

Q) First up, can you give us a bit of history about Dewey’s and your personal history with the restaurant?

A) Yeah, my best friend since high school, Andrew E. DeWitt, is a 1993 Denison graduate and the founder of Dewey’s Pizza.  Andrew and I grew up on the east side of Cincinnati where our first location opened in Oakley on April 11, 1998.  Andrew, like myself, appreciates great music.  So while Andrew was pursuing a career in music in Seattle, he stumbled upon his passion for pizza and hospitality while working in a local pizza delivery shop.  He moved back to Cincinnati where he built his first Dewey’s concentrating on the hospitality of a full service restaurant, gourmet pizza and fresh salads.

Q) Wow, so you’ve got a lot of personal ties to this restaurant concept. Is there anything you’re doing differently in the Grandview location, or is it pretty similar to the original?

A) Oddly enough, Dewey’s first location would became the model for our newer locations.  A warm modern industrial interior, great tunes and authentic hospitality is what you can expect at Dewey’s Pizza in Grandview.  The idea is to get off your couch and grab your friends and family and sit and enjoy a pizza pie and a salad in a cool atmosphere with an excellent selection of craft brews and boutique wines.  We feature an open kitchen where you can watch our pizza makers perform the magical art of dough tossing.

Q) Columbus has a pretty diverse scene when it comes to pizza. We’ve even got our own regular series of events to try to determine which local pizza is the best. Why do you think people should drop their old favorites and give Dewey’s a shot?

A) Our pizza is hand tossed and stone baked in gas fired brick ovens.  Dewey’s pizza is New York Style, cut in triangles of course, thin in the middle with a soft and chewy crust.  We make our dough daily, we chop our veggies daily and we shred our cheese daily.  We have no freezers in our restaurant so everything is fresh and made to order.  Our unique specialty pizza combinations will tantalize taste buds you never knew you had.

Q) Sounds convincing. Can you tell us a bit more about some of those specialty pizzas, as well as any other standouts on your menu?

A) Dewey has several specialty pizzas that have become customer favorites.  We feature both a white and a red sauce on our specialty pizza pies.  Dewey’s red sauce is traditional in the sense that it is less sweet but rather just a little spicy.  Dewey’s white sauce is simply olive, minced garlic, fontina and mozzarella cheeses (very light but tasty if you like garlic).  Our white sauce & Greek style Socrates Revenge & Edgar Allan Poe Pizzas are unique pies that are creating a lot of buzz.  Dewey’s Southwest BBQ Chicken and Meatball Pizza are also unique and something you will not find elsewhere.  Our salads are all the rave as well.  We serve them as an appetizer or as a meal.  We make all of our dressings in house and we have five gourmet salads to choose from and a seasonal salad that is made with the season’s freshest ingredients.  Our current seasonal salad is our Harvest salad that is mixed field greens and romaine hearts, toasted pumpkin seeds, sundried figs, apple-wood smoked bacon & Boursin cheese tossed in Dewey’s apple cider honey vinaigrette dressing. Delicious!

Q) Earlier you mentioned grabbing a beer with your pizza. What sort of beers do you feature right now, and will you be rotating some of them with the seasons as well?

A) To compliment Dewey’s fine pies and gourmet salads we offer a unique and non biased selection of beer and wine.  If it is not excellent we do not serve it!  Our eight beer taps will rotate throughout the year.  We currently are serving Dogfish Head’s 60 minute IPA, Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale, Bells’ Amber, North Coast Brewing’s Scrimshaw Pilsner, Columbus Brewing’s 90 Schilling, Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale, Guinness & Brooklyn Brown.  Our craft wines are poured by the glass or bottle.   We feature both old world wines from Italy and Spain and new world wines from Argentina, Australia and California.  Unique varietals of wine that will round off your unique dining experience at Dewey’s Pizza.

Q) Sounds like a pretty good lineup. Anything else that people should know about Dewey’s?

A) Were “Taking Pizza to the Next Level”, come on along.  Why settle for average pizza when Dewey’s Pizza is now in Grandview.  Take out or dine-in only.  Visit us at www.deweyspizza.com for hours, menu selections and directions.


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