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Antique Camera and Photo Auction

October 3, 2020 12:00 pm @ 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Antique Camera and Photo Auction
Saturday, Oct 3, at 12 Noon (Preview starting at 10 AM) at the Northland Performing Arts Center, 4411 Tamarack Blvd., Columbus Ohio 43229. From I-71 on North side of Columbus, take Morse Rd. East, Right on Tamarack Blvd (at Tim Hortons) to auction. Signs posted.
We are pleased to be able to offer this fantastic assortment from a single collector’s estate. The listing below is not exhaustive, but I think hits most of the highlights.
See https://www.cbusauctions.com/new-events/62720 for several photo galleries of the items in this auction.
Please attend in person if possible, but if you cannot, we do accept absentee bids and shipping on some items is possible; please email Mark to leave bids and make arrangements.
Doors open at 10 AM for preview. Indoor auction with seating. All purchases must be removed evening of auction. No sales tax at this location! We accept cash, good Ohio checks with positive ID (no out of state checks); (Visa and Mastercard also accepted with 5% buyers’ premium for charge cards only).
Early large format view and field cameras including American Optical Co. (Scovill) 8×10 w/ St. Louis reversible back & Flammang’s Patent Revolving Back, Swift & Son Paragon 8×10 lens; Blair Lucidograph; Anthony Novel 5×8 w/ Dallmeyer 8 1/2 x 6 1/2 Rapid Rectilinear lens; Anthony 8×10 field view camera w/ Somerville 7×9 lens w/ stops, case, holders; (2) Anthony 8×10 view cameras w/ Darlot brass lenses; Dallmeyer wet plate camera w/ lens; Anthony 8×10 view camera with brass lens; Eastman Kodak Empire State No. 2 8×10 view camera; Anthony 8×10 field camera w/ Somerville brass lens; Rochester New Model Improved view camera w/ Boss 8 in. lens; Rochester Universal field camera w/ brass WA Symmetrical Equi. 4 1/2 lens; Korona Pictorial View camera w/ Gundlach lens; R.O.C. View Camera w/ brass lens; Century 8×10 field view camera with brass Standard Double Planoscope lens; Eastman View Camera No. 2-D w/ Tessar lens; Anthony 5×8 view camera; Eastman Dry Plate field view camera; Seneca Competitor View;
Early brass lenses including James Lett New York 783 wet plate lens w/ stops; Benj French & Co. Boston wet plate lens; Manhattan Optical Co. Sciopticon Lens; Sunflower 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 in. E.T. Briggs & Co. Atchinson, Kan. f/8; Princes Rapid Hemispherical No. 327 – L.M. Prince & Bro. Cinci. O. f/8; Scovill Waterbury lens on board; 5×4 Rect. 7inch Focus RAJ Beck No. 3695; 12 in. E.F. DSSO Detroit; Several brass projection lenses; Wollensak Standard Double Planoscope 6.8;
Stereo cameras including a rare Graflex (Kodak) Stereoscopic Graphic; Anthony 8×10 Stereo view camera w/ nickel lenses; Schultze 5×8 stereo view camera w/ brass lenses; Seroco Stereo folding camera; Putnam Marvel stereo view camera w/ brass lenses; Century Stereo folding camera; Rollei Heidoscop; No. 2 Stereo Kodak box camera; Stereo Kodak Model 1 folding camera; Several Stereo Realist 35mm cameras; Viewmatser Personal Stereo camera; Universal 35mm stereo camera; Kin-Dar 35mm stereo camera; Edixa, Iloca, Kodak, Tower, Graflex, and Delta 35mm stereo cameras; (2) Coronet 3-D stereo cameras; (2) Haneel bakelite stereo cameras; Kodaslide Stereo Viewer 1;
Panoramic cameras including Graflex No. 10 Cirkut Camera complete outfit with tripod & gears; Several different sizes of Al-Vista Panoramic cameras; Several size of Kodak Panoram cameras; Viscawide-16 ST-D;
Other Kodak cameras including No. 1 Kodak string set box camera; No. 2 Kodak string set box camera; No. 3 Kodak string set box camera; No. 4 Kodak Jr. string set box camera; Kodak Ordinary wood camera; Several early Pocket Kodak box cameras in black & red; (2) early Satchel style Folding Kodak cameras; No. 4 Screen Focus Kodak; Red bellows Kodak Premo & Pony Premo folding cameras; Kodak Premo No. 12 w/ film folders and case; (6) Kodak Vanity cameras with cases, including the rare snakeskin model; Gift Kodak No. 1A Art Deco camera & gift box; Pink Kodak Ensemble camera with mirrored case; Kodak Vanity camera w/ case & box; (2) Kodak Vanity “step pattern” cameras; Kodak Vanity “lightning bolt” camera; Kodak Boy Scout vest pocket camera & case; Kodak Girl Scout vest pocket camera & case; Kodak Boy Scout box camera; Kodak 1933 World’s Fair box camera; Several colored Kodak vest pocket folding cameras; Kodak Beau Brownie Art Deco box cameras in several colors; Kodak Six-20 and Six-16 colored folding cameras w/ enamel Art Deco ends; Rainbow Hawkeye colored folding cameras; Several colored Kodak box cameras, some in matching carry cases; Bronwie No. 2 box camera in box; Several Jiffy Kodak folding cameras; 1988 replica No. 1 Kodak Camera in box; Numerous red bellows Kodak folding cameras, including some harder to find large sizes;
Other collectible large and medium format cameras including RB Graflex Series B; RB Graflex series D; Blair Focusing Weno Hawk-Eye; Zeiss Ikoflex; Blair Tourist Hawk-Eye; Seneca No.5; Graflex Speed Graphic 4×5 outfit w/ 2 lenses, backs, etc; Mamiya RB67 outfit w/ 90mm 3.8 Sekor NB lens, 3 backs, grip, etc; Rochester King Poco, Cycle POco No. 4, Cycle Poco 5, Poco B, Pocket Poco C, ; R.B. Cycle Graphic; Century folding cameras; Rochester Long Focus Premo, Premo Sr.; Premo A, Premo B, Premo C, Pony Premo, Pony Premo 6; Blair Hawk-Eye wood camera; Balir Hawk-Eye leather covered camera; Conley folding cameras; G. Gennert Mantauk I, Mantauk Golf folding cameras; Seneca folding cameras; Pair of Dame, Stoddard and Kendall Folding Hub cameras in case; Ansco Memory Kit folding camera w/ wooden box; (2) Agfa-Ansco Readyset Royal “snakeskin” folding cameras; National Graflex in box; Ellison Kamera bakelite; QRS bakelite camera; Yashica A, Yashica LM, Yashica-Mat TLR cameras; Voigtlander Brilliant; Sunart folding camera; Manhattan Optical Co. Cycle Wizard B, Wizard B Special; Beck Frena; Reflex Camera Co. Patent Reflex Hand Camera, Reflex camera, Junior Reflex; Vive Camera Co. Box camera, Vive souvenir camera; Blair Weno Hawk-Eye box camera; (2) Western Camera Co. Magazine Cyclone; Busch Pressman 2 1/4 x 3 1/4; Ihagee Exa; (2) Ansco Memo; Aiken-Gleason box camera; (3) Blair Folding Hawk-Eye; Wilkin-Welsh folding camera;
35mm cameras including Leica III w/ collapsing Elmar 5cm 3.5 lens; Kodak Retina Ib, Ia; Minolta-35; Univex Mercury II; Canon/Bell & Howell Dial 35; Perfex; Canon 35mm SLR equipment including F-1, (2) A-1, (3) AE-1 bodies, numerous lenses, etc, Accura Ultratel 500mm mirror lens;
Miniature, sub-miniature, and spy cameras including (2) Expo Police Cameras, one with original box; Expo Watch Camera with original box; (2) Universal Minute 16; Stylophot pen camera; Ensignette; (2) Micro 16 in original box; Steky; Several different color of Coronet Midget; (3) The Kombi camera & graphoscope; Camera_lite lighter spy camera w/ box; Shalco hit type w/ box; (3) Minox cameras and various Minox accessories; Pentax Auto 110 outfit;
Alex Beckers wood dual stereoscope; Magic Lantern in wood case with slides; Carbutt’s Dry Plate Lantern; Tom Thumb camera radio; Portable record player in case made to look like folding camera; Donald Duck, Roy Rogers, & Girl Scout novelty cameras; Novelty camera cigarette lighter; Wood film holders; Several wood tripods; Kodak developing tanks; Kodak darkroom lanterns; Kodak graduates; Kodakery magazines; Camera collecting books; Viewmaster projector; Graflex fingerprint camera; Novatron 2 head flash outfit; Nishika 3D camera outfit;
Mark Van Hook, Auctioneer

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October 3, 2020 12:00 pm
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Northland Performing Arts Center
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