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Equitas Health Expands with New Location in King-Lincoln District

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega Equitas Health Expands with New Location in King-Lincoln DistrictLeft to right: Communications Manager Alyssa Chenault, Clinic Manager Evan Robinson and Director of Healthcare Operations Anna Wuerth stand in a nearly-ready Equitas Health clinic.
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Equitas Health, the local clinic that opened up “Care For All” after their rebrand last year, announced a second Columbus medical center and pharmacy opening at the end of this month. They currently have other medical centers and pharmacies in the Short North and in Dayton. Their newest facility, located in the King Lincoln District, will provide comprehensive care to a neighborhood with disparate need.

The King-Lincoln District is home to individuals who, statistically, are low-income, newly insured (usually by Medicaid), and experience a disproportionately high rate of health problems. Two-Thirds of KLD residents report incomes at or below 200 percent federal poverty guidelines.

At the same time, the population exceeds national benchmarks and even severe benchmarks for core health indicators. People who call King-Lincoln home are more likely to pass up child immunizations and miss cancer screenings, and they probably have unmet primary care and dental needs. Diabetes and high blood pressure are more common among the population as well.

As the neighborhood’s newest provider, Equitas will bring the only dental services to the area, as well as primary care, HIV specialty care, women’s, trans and behavioral health services, and a pharmacy.

“We really want folks to come to one place for the majority of their health needs,” said Anna Wuerth, Director of Healthcare Operations for Equitas. “We can’t fit all of our medical providers or our pharmacy or behavioral health all at this one location, so we had to expand to another site.”


Learn more about Equitas Health’s social enterprise pharmacy and inclusive care model on The Metropreneur.

For its rebrand, which took them from AIDs Resource Center to Equitas Health, the clinic improved and promoted their cultural competence. Its patients, many of whom identify with the LGBTQ community, can come to Equitas and receive primary care that affirms their gender identity, and provides hormone therapy and psychiatric care in one facility.

“When a patient comes in at the front desk, they have to complete a registration form, and they are put into the electronic health records system in a certain way,” Wuerth said. “And if you don’t capture someone’s gender identity straight from the get-go, that can create a very negative experience for the patient.”

While the location might be new, their clientele may not be 100 percent fresh faces. Part of the reason behind Equitas’ move was because they found a large number of their patients were coming from the King-Lincoln District and nearby neighborhoods.

People are eagerly awaiting Equitas’ opening. Clinic Manager Evan Robinson has been raising awareness of Equitas’ opening and location, going door to door and business to business, as well as to community-based organizations like the Urban League.

“Just getting everyone in the know of the clinic being around and that we’re going to be open to everyone,” Robinson said. “Just anyone seeking an inclusive medical home. It’s really not for any specific person other than that.”

Equitas Health’s King-Lincoln District clinic is located on the third floor of the building at 750 E. Long St. They’re now accepting appointments online and are scheduled to open on April 26.

For more information, visit equitashealth.com

A work in progress.

A work in progress.

The view from the Equitas balcony.

The view from the Equitas balcony.

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