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_ediu_ _ushroo_ Pizzas for Beat Michigan Week

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Press Release wrote During Beat Michigan Week, the city turns on its side to support the Buckeyes. So much so that the mayor is proclaiming Michigan Ave. as Buckeye Way, and Donatos Pizza is taking the letter M out of all its Columbus stores for Beat Michigan Week.

Each M in all the Columbus Donatos stores (menu boards, promotional signage, etc.) will be crossed out with the universal “no” symbol (that Ghostbusters red circle with the line through it). Customers are encouraged to support the Buckeyes by abstaining from using the letter M when ordering — so a “medium mushroom pizza” would become a “_ediu_ _ushroo_ pizza.” It’s really catching on in the spirit of Beat _ichigan Week!

Donatos, a Columbus-based company, which was founded by Jim Grote when he was a Buckeye himself, may have its own Beat Michigan Week rivalry. Ironically, that other “D” pizza company is based in the same city as “that team up north.”

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