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Editorial: Local Journalism You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Walker Evans and Anne Evans Walker Evans and Anne Evans Editorial: Local Journalism You Won’t Find Anywhere Else
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Here at Columbus Underground we’ve always focused on a wide variety of stories and topics. Some of them are a bit more popular — like local restaurant reviews and special events — while others are topics that are a bit more niche. We take a lot of pride in our award-winning journalism that focuses on important topics like the public education system and our regional arts institutions, and as soon as the COVID-19 Pandemic arrived and impacted Ohio, we’ve restructured some of our editorial roles to focus on different types of coverage most important to the community.

To be fully transparent, the coronavirus pandemic has been highly detrimental to all forms of journalism and media, from the largest corporations to small, locally-owned outlets like CU. To that end, we’ve asked our dedicated readers to step up and help fill the funding gap while many advertising campaigns and events are still on hold. We’re honored and humbled that so many people have pitched in to support community-focused journalism and we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the unique stories you’ve helped to support over the past several months:

Unique Stories You’ll Find No Where Else

Some Columbus Neighborhoods Experiencing “Postal Desert” as Locations Remain Closed — Sending mail over the past month has been a bit difficult for anyone looking for a post office in Downtown Columbus or its nearby urban neighborhoods. Read More

Should Restaurants Have Reopened? Workers Weigh In — In an anonymous survey of Central Ohio restaurant workers conducted by Columbus Underground, at least 76% of respondents feel somewhat uncomfortable working right now. Read More

Insensitive Mascot Conversation Gets Closer to Home — Recently, the Washington Redskins announced the team would retire its name and logo. Locally, the Braves at Whetstone High School are also getting a few side-eyes. Read More

Concerns Raised About Proposed Power Plant on OSU Campus — Several local environmental organizations are sounding the alarm and trying to raise awareness about a power plant proposed for the campus of The Ohio State University. Read More

Christopher Columbus Statues Fall in Other Cities, Remain Intact in Ohio — Some protestors in other cities turned their attention to Christopher Columbus in early June, beheading or toppling statues in Saint Paul, Richmond and Boston. Meanwhile, here in Columbus, our three statues honoring this historical figure remain standing — for now. Read More

NEXT: Scioto, Ohio – A Story — What follows is not a prediction. It is a plausible scenario written in the form of a “history from the future.” The scenario is written as if the year were 2030… Read More

Opinion: Columbus Has Bigger Problems Than Broken Windows — In the comments of any and every social media post regarding protests in Columbus and across the country over the weekend, you’ll likely find someone who will acknowledge the death of George Floyd — mind you, only mentioning the death of George Floyd, with no acknowledgement of a systematic issue regarding race and policing in our country — as a vehicle to get to the point of condemning riots and looting. Read More

How to Garden Your Way Through the Coronavirus Pandemic — Growing flowers or vegetables in a backyard garden, apartment balcony or windowsill is a rewarding and stress-relieving hobby for many people even in normal times. But with COVID-19 spreading across the country – and the resulting “Stay at Home” orders, closure of businesses, and overall upheaval of just about every aspect of our lives – many more are turning to gardening as they search out fun and socially-distant activities that can be done from home. Read More

“Columbus Is Surrounded” – When Spanish Flu Infected Ohio — It is October 16, 1918, and the National Dairy Show is in full swing. The Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus is packed with spectators and exhibitors and many of them have come a long way from distant cities and states to see the great wonders of American agriculture. In one section belonging to the National Dairy Association, visitors can find a showcase in which every item is made completely of cottage cheese. Read More

If you would like to support our work at Columbus Underground, please consider making a direct donation through our Donorbox page. We appreciate it your continued contributions!

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