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Edith Espinal Denied for Stay of Removal

Taijuan Moorman Taijuan Moorman Edith Espinal Denied for Stay of RemovalMorgan Harper speaking at a protest in support of Edith Espinal's Stay of Removal, August 2019. Photo by Ben Blake.
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Editors note: This article and its headline has been updated to include ICE’s decision to deny Espinal’s application for Stay of Removal on Thursday, Aug. 29.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has denied Edith Espinal’s application for a Stay of Removal. The application would have halted Espinal’s deportation order, allowing her to go home while she continues to work on her case and leave sanctuary without fear of deportation.

In the last few years, ICE has said Espinal was required to appear in person to receive a reprieve. However, Espinal’s daughter was able to file the application on her mother’s behalf on Tuesday, Aug. 27, accompanied by candidate for Ohio’s Third Congressional District Morgan Harper, as well as many sign-adorned supporters.

“It’s clear the hundreds of pages of support that was provided to ICE wasn’t even taken into consideration,” said the group in a post on Facebook. “We need ICE to give Edith a full and fair review!”

Espinal’s advocacy group, Solidarity with Edith Espinal has called on the support of Senator Sherrod Brown, Senator Rob Portman and Congresswoman Joyce Beatty to demand the approval of Espinal’s application. A post on the group’s Facebook page says Senator Rob Portman’s office initially agreed to help push Espinal’s application for approval.

Though ICE has denied Espinal’s application, advocates say it is still crucial to have the support of local government officials.

“For the past 2 weeks, Edith’s team has been delivering packets to elected officials,” they said. “We wanted for them to go directly to ICE to file the application for the Stay of Removal on Edith’s behalf. No action was taken during those two weeks.” 

“We are asking the public to call the offices daily urging and demanding this of the elected officials,” they said.

For more information on Edith Espinal and her case, visit solidaritywithedith.org.

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