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Eden Burger Popup Finds Permanent Home at Old Dare Devil Dogs Space

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega Eden Burger Popup Finds Permanent Home at Old Dare Devil Dogs Space
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Vegetarian pop-up Eden Burger is no longer a pop-up. The trio of owners made the business permanent last Friday, opening up at the old Dare Devil Dogs space next to the Village Idiot at Eighth Avenue and High Street.

The business went through a long journey, first popping up in their own living room before appearing at Barrel on High in the Short North for its first test run.

It wasn’t the first time owners Chad Goodwin, Sebastian Kovach and Alex Raabe went through the startup process. The three tried a few other ideas before Eden Burger took off, including an app, a whole-sale brownie business, and a line of crop tops. So what’s different about this one?

“It’s one thing that we were super passionate about,” said Goodwin. “This is the first business we’ve tried where really the mission is 100 percent aligned with the processes and the operation, just with organic and plant-based foods really having a positive impact on the environment, and of course people’s health and wellness and the livelihood of animals.”

Finding a way to make that mission part of the brand without meat-shaming their potential clientele was another step. As it’s transformed, they’ve tweaked the message to be more about the food while letting people know the perks of eating a plant-based meal.

“I think making it these classic American meals makes it a lot easier for people who may not be vegan or vegetarian or even really care about any of that,” Goodwin said. “We’re seeing people from all walks of life come in here and order it and enjoy it.”

“It’s like, people go to Chipotle for the burritos, and then they get the benefit of the non-GMO and recycled energy,” Kovach added.

At first the menu was limited to their Eden Burger, a side of fries, and a milkshake. In the last month they’ve expanded it to include four other burgers, made from sautéed pumpkin seeds, beans, rice, sautéed onion, oats and a blend of spices. They also have an array of “Tender Burgers,” which they compare to a chicken sandwich.

On top of fries, their sides include pickle chips, loaded fries, onion rings and tenders. Organic sodas and shakes round out the menu.

“People love variety, and it makes it easier for people to bring friends,” Goodwin said about the additions. “If they don’t necessarily like one thing, then there’s plenty more for them to get.”

Eden Burger, located at 1437 N. High St., is now open from 5 – 10 p.m. daily. Guests can order there and eat in, or order from inside Village Idiot and eat there.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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