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Eat Right: The Best Soup in Columbus

 Shelley Mann Eat Right: The Best Soup in ColumbusRabbit Burgoo from G. Michael's — Photo by Walker Evans.
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A well-made bowl of soup can give you the fortitude necessary to face one more day of Ohio’s never-ending winter. Great soup restaurants come in two varieties — those places where you can trust the soup of the day will be excellent, and the spots to seek out specific standouts. Here are a few Columbus eateries guaranteed to satisfy on the soup front:

Reliably Great Soup of the Day Spots

Brown Bag Deli

898 Mohawk St., Columbus, OH 43206
“Cream of” soups get a bad wrap based on the condensed Campbell’s specimens, but this cozy German Village deli does a terrific job with them. Take the cream of Mushroom. The velvety, almost buttery soup has a deep, earthy fungi essence, with plenty of meaty mushrooms bobbing around in the bowl.

Black Creek Bistro
51 Parsons Ave., Columbus, OH 43215
As with the daily entree specials, this farm-to-table spot changes its soups almost daily to showcase fresh, seasonal, grown-here ingredients. The Soup du Jour is always excellent — for a basket of house-made bread to accompany a bowl of soup and you’ve got yourself a meal.


Cravings Carryout Cafe
227 E. 3rd Ave., Columbus, OH 43201
If you spot a bisque on the specials menu at this Italian Village gen, don’t pass it up! Former Basi sous chef Matt Tewanger has a fondness for those rich soups — some of his recent creations have included a Cauliflower Parmesan Bisque, Potato Arugula Bisque (pictured above) , and Garlic and Arugula Bisque with goat cheese crouton. Stop in on the first Wednesday of the month to take advantage of their Wednesday Originals offer of a bowl of soup for just $1 with the purchase of a sandwich.

Standout Signature Soups

Chile Verde Cafe
4852 Sawmill Rd., Columbus, OH 43235
1522 Gemini Pl., Columbus, OH 43240
This New Mexican restaurant does a great job with Latin standards like black bean soup and Chicken Lime Soup, but where they really shine is the hearty Green Chile Stew. Typical beef stew ingredients — hand-cut tender sirloin, carrots and potatoes—are amped up with plenty of green chile and topped with cheddar.

G. Michael’s Bistro & Bar
595 S. 3rd St., Columbus, OH 43215
Chef David Tetzloff’s new winter menu features Rabbit Burgoo (pictured up top), a fun Midwestern take on a Southern specialty. The traditional Kentucky stew, often served at political fundraisers and such, is made with rich roasted rabbit and served with hushpuppies, a Lowcountry side-dish staple that nods to Tetzloff’s Southern roots.

1105 Pennsylvania Ave., Columbus, OH 43201
Last summer, Katalina’s rolled out a retooled menu with a decidedly Latin viewpoint. That meant changing the de facto to soup to the Tomole, a flavorful tomato soup infused with mole spices, livened up with a bright splash of vinegar and topped with pepitos and queso fresco.

Portia’s Cafe
4428 Indianola Ave., Columbus, OH 43214
Vegan soups may sound like the opposite of indulgent, but Portia works magic. Her Raw Broccoli soup is unbelievably rich and creamy, a blend of broccoli with avocado and almonds, sweetened with dates and seasoned with herbs and spices for a richly layered flavor profile. Her stew-like Vegetable Curry is veggie take on chili, with lots off black beans and veggies and a hit of coconut.

Lashish the Greek
788 Bethel Rd., Columbus, OH 43214
Greek soups are a genre all their own, with the very best restaurant versions only coming close to replicating what Grandma might cook up. Lashish has two outstanding options—a thick and eggy Chicken Lemon, and a hearty Lentil Vegetable.


Lemongrass Fusion Bistro
641 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43215
We’ll save Asian noodle soups for a roundup of their own, but Lemongrass excels in a particular category of Thai spicy and sour soups. Their namesake Lemongrass soup (pictured above) is an incredibly aromatic hot and spicy soup that starts with a flavorful lemongrass broth and kicks things up with a spicy Asian chili paste. Order it with shrimp.

Surly Girl Saloon
1126 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43215
Thanks to popular demand, Surly Girl brought back their savory Mexican soup called posole a couple years back. You’ll find a few takes on the soup, traditionally served at celebratory events or holiday parties. Carnivores can go for chicken or pulled pork, while vegetarians can indulge with a tofu version. All start with a rich broth loaded with the requisite hominy, tomato, onion and Southwestern spices.

Tasi Cafe
680 N. Pearl St., Columbus, OH 43215
It’s not always available, but whenever Hangover Soup is on the menu, order it! Tasi’s beloved soup special can be categorized as a pork fricassee, with tender chunks of pork and diced potatoes accented with a distinctive Bolivian spice blend.

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