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Eat Right Q&A: Chef David Tetzloff of G. Michael’s Bistro & Bar

 Shelley Mann Eat Right Q&A: Chef David Tetzloff of G. Michael’s Bistro & BarPhotos by Shelley Mann.
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Chef David Tetzloff has been spotted at the Bexley Starbucks sipping coffee and pouring over cookbooks for inspiration for his next seasonal menu. G. Michael’s Bistro & Bar, the German Village restaurant he co-owns with General Manager Jeff Benson, is committed to serving local, seasonal food, sourcing as much pork, beef, produce and dairy from central Ohio growers and producers as possible.

Tetzloff’s menus change each season, and always feature familiar low country flavors prepared with a modern twist. Chef Tetzloff studied culinary arts at Johnson & Wales University in Charleston, South Carolina and learned to cook at Charleston institution Slightly North of Broad. During that time he developed a deep appreciation for low country cuisine, with its seafood-rich dishes and Caribbean and African flavors.

We recently caught up with Chef Tetzloff to talk seasonal menu development and how he balances life as a chef and as a father.

Where do you get inspiration for your seasonal menus?

DT: Most of my inspiration for the seasonal menus comes from the changing of the weather and the ingredients that come with it. For instance, in spring I’m always excited by seeing the first ramps and fiddleheads come in, and then I start to think about lightening up the menu. The braises and heavier starch and sauce combinations come off, and vinaigrettes, lighter sides, and brighter choices replace them.

What’s one of your favorite items from recent menus?

DT: Walleye is always near the top of the list. It’s nice to have a seafood option that’s regionally sourced, and all of our customers really get behind it and order it.

What’s your favorite new restaurant in Columbus?

DT: I wish I had enough time to go out and find a favorite new restaurant. I took my dad to Rockmill Tavern earlier this year when he was in town and we had a really nice experience—food was tasty and the service was nice. And Josh, the chef at South Village Grill, used to work with me, so I like to see how he is doing.


What about some of your favorite longtime Columbus restaurants?

DT: When my wife and I do go out for dinner, we usually go to someplace familiar. We live in Bexley, so The Top and Giuseppe’s are always on our list. When we head Downtown, the Sycamore Cafe is always really good. We enjoy the patio at Milestone 229 in the summertime.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at the restaurant?

DT: It seems that when I’m not at the restaurant my nights are taken up with the kids’ soccer or lacrosse games and practices. That’s pretty mundane, but it keeps us busy.

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