Easton Farmers Market Brings Homemade Treats to Shopping Center

Chrissy Adams Chrissy Adams Easton Farmers Market Brings Homemade Treats to Shopping CenterPhotos by Chrissy Adams.
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A blazing sun and not enough wind blew through my hair this previous Thursday as I escaped the rush of fast food restaurants and received a taste of how people lived years ago during the Easton Farmers Market. One of my favorite reasons to visit these types of farmers markets is the delicious, homemade desserts that I can only ever seem to find at them.

At the weekly Easton event, you can find entrepreneurs, farmers and bakers coming together to sell their hand-crafted items. At last week’s event, there were plenty of opportunities for passersby or weekly event-goers to choose from a selection of locally grown produce, homemade baked goods, specialty items, and delicious eats.

One of my personal favorite stands at the market — and not just because the owner is my sister — is Michelle’s Macarons. Her macarons are made from a French recipe that she’s spent countless hours perfecting. Originating from the small town of New Bremen, Michelle individually makes these naturally gluten-free French macarons.


“It’s great to be part of such a well-coordinated Farmers Market and work beside so many talented local business owners,” she said during last week’s event.

Sadie Baby Sweets was another delicious treat presented at the market this past Thursday. They provided uniquely crafted mini desserts that are available for all kinds of events, including weddings, birthdays and graduations. I sampled a mouth-watering cake-batter cake pop… actually, I sampled two — strictly for the sake of this article.

In addition to the multitude of homemade sweets and homegrown foods available at the Farmers Market, other sellers presented unique products. Businesses such as Crime Cats — which is unfortunately not a team of cats that travel around Columbus fighting crime — were advertising a fascinating-looking book series for children. My Soaps, a natural handmade soaps and hygiene product company, were also showcasing products available for purchase.

Another stand that caught my attention was the White Walnut Flower Farm with the kind Virginia Terry, a farmer/florist, selling different kinds of beautiful flowers. Terry works with flowers grown without harsh chemicals and prepares specialty arrangements for weddings and events. Local music at the farmers market was provided by the talented musician and songwriter, Jack McCarthy.


It was time well-spent, getting out of the gridlock to enjoy a taste of the days gone by where people care about their products and each other enough to make the effort to bring their goods to markets to share with their neighbors. Anyone can receive a sense of this nostalgia every Thursday until August from 4-7pm at the Easton Farmers Market.

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