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Dublin Welcomes a California Software Company to Growing Tech Hub

Taijuan Moorman Taijuan Moorman Dublin Welcomes a California Software Company to Growing Tech HubVeeva held a grand opening ceremony for its new, 30,000 square foot regional office in Dublin. The company invited employees, local businesses, and community leaders, including Dublin Mayor Greg Peterson. Photo by Taijuan Moorman.
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Veeva Systems, headquartered out of Pleasanton, CA, is officially calling Dublin its second North American home.

A cloud software company, its products and services are marketed to businesses in the life sciences industry — think big pharma and biotech companies — and has recently added some flagship customers outside life sciences field, including retail, cosmetics, and consumer goods industries.

Veeva’s customers represent some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in North America, Europe, and Asia. One of the world’s fastest-growing companies, it has sales offices and an executive team distributed around the world.

Veeva’s Global CIO, Catherine Allshouse, doubles as site manager for Veeva’s regional office in Dublin. She says the company pulled several corporate functions out of its California headquarters and considered Indianapolis, Nashville, Portland, and Denver, among other cities. In the end, Veeva execs chose Columbus, and Dublin specifically, for its tech talent, open attitude, and affordability.

”They’ve all adopted this, ‘Why not Columbus’ attitude to their hiring,” says Allshouse.

Allshouse has heard increasingly from other companies that it is getting “ridiculously” expensive to live and work in the Bay Area, while a number of employees and executives have been enticed by Columbus’ comparably low cost of living.

“Most of the new hires … I’d say probably 70 percent are local Columbus, and 30 percent are moving to Columbus for this job,” says Allshouse.

Molly Roup, a product support engineer, joined the Veeva team over a year ago. Veeva did not have its new office at the time, and her small support team was based out of Veeva’s headquarters. Now that Veeva has moved into its new building, it has grown from around 40 employees to 85 and counting. Company executives have even begun establishing their own IT, support analysts, and global corporate finance teams in Dublin.

“It seems like every month there’s at least one new team almost represented,” says Roup.

Other Dublin tech companies have mentioned the difficulty in filling IT roles, sometimes in the dozens.

For Veeva, despite having established brand new teams still looking for leaders, in its first few weeks at the new regional office, there have been frequent new hires. Allshouse believes the influx of employees is partly due to Veeva standing out in the local tech community.

“I’m not hearing the level of problem I’m hearing other people say they have,” says Allshouse. “Everybody’s going to say they have a great culture, and most places do. We feel like ours is a little different in that it’s kind of infusing some of the California, Silicon Valley culture into the region.”

“I don’t know how it would have gone in Des Moines or Nashville — with Columbus there’s already kind of a cool vibe that connects really well with what you see at a California software company,” she says.

Michael Renner, Veeva’s collections and accounts team manager, finds it amusing joining a company of Veeva’s size, that still feels like a startup. He’s been waiting to “find the catch,” he says.

“I’m still waiting, six months in now. I’ve never been in a place I’ve been six months, where there hasn’t been a day yet that I thought, ‘Yeah, I don’t want to go to work today.’ It’s all forward, it’s all positive,” he says.

Allshouse has begun connecting with the local tech community, joining OSU’s Department of Computer Sciences and Engineering board, and joined local CIO networking groups. And the City of Dublin has invited the company to events and provided a lot of support.

That being said, she feels though Veeva is new to the tech scene, it’s just another choice as far as employers go, because there are a lot in Columbus.

“We’re just one company in a big, broad technology community in Columbus. There are organizations that are much larger than we are, even from a technology perspective … and we learn from them,” she says. “It’s nice that we landed somewhere where there are other people to be in that conversation.”

As of Dec. 14, 2018, this story has been updated to provide clarity on expressed opinions as the view of Bay Area companies and employees, not Veeva Systems. Suggestions that Veeva has not finished relocating corporate functions from its California headquarters have also been reworded for clarity.

For more information on Veeva, visit veeva.com.

Our technology series is presented by our partners in the City of Dublin.

Dublin is a city of more than 47,000 residents located just northwest of Columbus, Ohio. The City of Dublin Economic Development team has a vision to make Dublin a Midwest IT Magnet through business leadership and sustainable workforce development. This commitment goes beyond short-term skills training to include long-term strategic and cultural support for the entire Dublin business community. Dublin is one of America’s Top 20 Creative Class Cities and is home to more than 20 corporate headquarters, an entrepreneurial center, 3,000+ businesses, world-class events and the urban, walkable Bridge Street District.

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