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Dublin Wants to Build a Downtown

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Very interesting article in today’s Dispatch about a new study being conducted in the historic area of Dublin. The study will assess the possibility of redeveloping the location into a more modern “Downtown”, complete with new urban residences and pedestrian-friendly walkability.

Terry Foegler, the City Manager of Dublin seems to understand that these types of amenities currently don’t exist anywhere in his city, but it sounds as if they’ve got quite the uphill battle in front of them for a major reconversion like this. The BriHi development has started to move the area in the right direction, but the noisy high-speed crossing of 161/33 through the middle of this area will need quite a bit of pedestrian-friendly improvements to make it more accommodating to anything other than just the rush of automobile traffic.

If other suburban areas can build more densely though, there’s no reason Dublin can’t. Gahanna has had a bit of a rocky start with their new Creekside development, but that opening also aligned with the housing market crash and national recession. Grandview and Bexley have both been growing their Downtown areas in a similar fashion for several years now, with mixed results. Grove City also has similar plans on the table for an urbanized upgrade to their historic core.

Is this type of makeover in the cards for historic Dublin? Will it have the same appeal as existing options in Bexley, or even the Short North? Would anyone here be interested in living in this type of new urban development?

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