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Dublin to Enhance Riverside Drive with Roundabout and Pedestrian Updates

Walker Evans Walker Evans Dublin to Enhance Riverside Drive with Roundabout and Pedestrian Updates
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Yesterday it was announced that Crawford Hoying has plans to develop over 1,1100 residential units in a new mixed-use development at the northeast intersection of Bridge Street and Riverside Drive in Dublin. The plan would alter this area significantly from a density perspective, affecting both the thousands of new residents, workers and shoppers in the area as well as existing commuters who travel these busy routes on a daily basis.

To compliment the private development, The City of Dublin is working with local landscape architectural firm MKSK to plan the public infrastructure accordingly. That means new parklands, pedestrian connectivity across the river to old Historic Dublin, and a reconfigured Riverside Drive that would meet Bridge Street with a new roundabout intersection.

Urban Development Writer Brent Warren spoke with MKSK Principle Darren Meyer to find out more about the public portion of the plan presented on Tuesday night. Their full Q&A can be found below:

BW: I know that the idea is to change the character of Riverside Drive — moving it from a large arterial to something more pedestrian-friendly and smaller in scale. How exactly will the new road be different than the old one?

DM: Several features are being considered for the redesigned Riverside Drive that will differ from the existing road and help promote a more pedestrian-friendly environment. The proposed roadway may include on-street parking, pavement changes at intersections, pedestrian-only phases for traffic signals, narrowed crossing distances at intersections, divided lanes with a landscaped median, and most importantly — an urban architectural edge with significant pedestrian activity.

BW: The renderings of the existing woodland areas show a lot of nice features including small cliffs, streams, views of the river, and mature trees. Is the plan to mostly leave these natural amenities as is and improve access and add amenities around them?

DM: Absolutely. The scenic and environmental qualities of the river corridor are the main features of the proposed park. Our goal is to make these features more visible and accessible to the public, preserve sensitive environmental areas, and complement the existing features with new amenities.

Brent Warren: What’s the timeline for the public-improvement pieces of this plan — including the Riverside Drive work, the pedestrian bridge and the different elements of the park itself?

Darren Meyer: The timeline for the public pieces depends on timing of private improvements which need regulatory approvals, development agreements, and the other developer dependent constraints, such as financing and pre-leasing.

For ongoing news and discussion on the Bridge Street Corridor, CLICK HERE to visit our messageboard.

More info can be found at www.dublinohiousa.gov/bridge-street/ and www.mkskstudios.com.

Renderings via MKSK.


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