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Dual Coffee Shops Opening Soon in Discovery District on Long Street

Walker Evans Walker Evans Dual Coffee Shops Opening Soon in Discovery District on Long Street
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It’s currently a challenge to find a good cup of coffee on East Long Street near Columbus State and CCAD, but that will soon change. Not one but two new coffee shops will be opening soon after a few false starts and delays along the way.

We first learned that Cafe Brioso was expanding to the former Faith Mission building at 331 East Long back in December 2013, with plans to accommodate a larger roasting facility there in addition to a small coffee bar. The opening was pushed back from Summer 2014 to Winter 2015 when the need arose for a crowdfunding campaign, which helped the business to raise an additional $23,000 toward its launch. Renovation work has officially begun on the building, with new windows and doors having been installed in the past few weeks.

“We should be able to begin our renovations in April,” said Brioso Roastmaster and President Jeff Davis. “My best guess is a mid-to-late June opening, but that’s just a guess at this point.”

Meanwhile, work continues across the street at 300 East Long, where The Roosevelt Coffeehouse plans to open. We first learned about the social mission of Roosevelt in February 2014, though a location had not been selected at that point in time. In June of last year, the cafe space was officially announced with a Fall 2014 opening in mind, though construction appears to have taken longer than originally anticipated.

“It’s super close,” owner Kenny Sipes. “Hopefully all inspections occur and are approved this week.”

For more information, visit www.rooseveltcoffee.org and www.cafebrioso.com.

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