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Drinkos Delivery Service Launches in Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans Drinkos Delivery Service Launches in Columbus
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Leaving your own party to make a beer-run just became a thing of the past. Cincinnati-based Drinkos officially launched service in Columbus last Thursday, allowing customers to place web-based and app-based orders for beer, wine and spirits to be delivered right to your door, in 60 minutes or less.

“We had a fabulous launch weekend in Columbus, and had not only the largest single order, but also the largest number of orders to date,” said Rachel Ennis, Spokesperson for Drinkos.

The company’s original launch in Cincinnati last September was a bit rougher. Their platform was quickly overwhelmed with orders and after three months, they “went dark” to make upgrades to their systems and work on rebranding. In May they relaunched in both Cincinnati and Dayton and have been able to expand to cover a service radius that expands 30 miles outside of the cities.

Customers who visit the Drinkos website or download the app are first met with an age verification process. When alcohol of any type is ordered, the delivery driver confirms that ID matches the credit card that the purchase was made with to confirm that purchases are being made by those of legal age. Ennis said that they have not encountered any issues thus far.

Currently, the selection for Columbus deliver is somewhat limited, with 75 beer selections (ranging from $4.99 to $15.99 per pack), 54 wines (from $8.99 to $54.99 per bottle) and 48 alcohol products (from $3.99 to $28.99), but Ennis says that they plan to continue to expand products in the coming weeks.

“We’re still working with contacts at local craft breweries, and expect to add at least four of them within the next few weeks,” she said. “It’s been really important in Dayton & Cincinnati to have local options there… the experienced beer drinker requires it. And if a customer doesn’t see something that what they want, let us know! If there’s a product we can get, we can usually add it with a two to three day turnaround.”

In addition to beer, wine and spirits, Drinkos also offers cigars, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

For more information, visit columbusoh001.drinkos.com.

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