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Downtown Soccer Arena Proposal Labeled a “Mistake”

Walker Evans Walker Evans Downtown Soccer Arena Proposal Labeled a “Mistake”
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There’s been a whirlwind of discussion over the past 24 hours since a conceptual proposal was unveiled by Columbus Foundation CEO Doug Kridler to build a new Downtown soccer stadium, but now the whole idea is being viewed with a sense of regret.

“In the heat of emotion, I conceived of an idea this weekend that doesn’t work for a variety of reasons,” stated Kridler in an email release late this afternoon. “However well-intentioned, it was a mistake to approach it in this manner, given that it may have provided some false hope about the practicality of that solution.”

Public response to the idea on social media has ranged from enthusiastic praise to uninhibited scorn for a plan that some are calling a gift to Crew SC team owner Anthony Precourt, who has made his intentions fairly well known that he is not interested in keeping the team in Columbus.

“I know firsthand that our public leadership and the business community has in good faith worked very hard to support and retain our team,” continued Kridler. “It seems that despite all of our efforts, the Crew owner and the MLS seems determined to take our team to Austin, regardless of what Columbus brings to the table.”

The Columbus Crew SC continues their run in the MLS playoffs tonight in a home-game match against Toronto FC starting at 8pm.

“I stand with the fans, players, sponsors, civic and business leaders who have worked so very hard to find a way to keep the Crew in Columbus,” Kridler concluded.

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