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Downtown Riverfront Park Construction Begins

Walker Evans Walker Evans Downtown Riverfront Park Construction Begins
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Three and a half years after it was originally envisioned, massive changes to the Scioto River through Downtown Columbus are officially underway. Demolition began in earnest at Battelle Riverfront Park where fountains and concrete are being removed, trees have been chopped and uprooted, and the Santa Maria is being prepped for relocation.

The entire construction process is expected to take two years, which includes the removal of the Main Street Dam, the narrowing and terraforming of the Scioto River, and the construction of 33 new acres of Downtown park space with bike paths, trees and natural vegetation.

Browse the photos below for a better look at the construction.

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Battle Riverfront Park Redevelopment in Downtown Columbus

Scioto Riverfront Redevelopment - Columbus, Ohio

Scioto River Park Construciton - Downtown Columbus

Battelle Park Demolition - Downtown Columbus

Downtown Columbus River Greenways Redevelopment

Scioto River Construction Work in Downtown Columbus

Santa Maria Construction Work in Downtown Columbus

Santa Maria Park Demolition - Downtown, Columbus

Santa Maria Relocation - Downtown Columbus

Santa Maria River Park Construction in Downtown Columbus

Scioto Mile Construction in Downtown Columbus

Downtown Columbus Bike Trail Closed for Construction

Downtown Columbus Bike Paths Closed for Construction

Downtown Riverfront Park Construction Photos

Battelle Riverfront Park Demolition and Redevelopment

Santa Maria Park Construction Work Photo

Downtown Bike Trails Closed Due to Riverfront Redevelopment Project

Bike Paths Closed in Downtown Columbus for Construction

Downtown Columbus Riverwalk Closed for Construction

Santa Maria Relocation on Scioto River in Downtown Columbus

Downtown Columbus Riverfront Park Demolition Photo

Downtown Columbus Riverwalk Demolition and Development

Downtown Columbus River Front Construction Work

Downtown Columbus River Walk Construction and Demolition

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