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Don’t Skip the 5th Course

Heather Yost Heather Yost Don’t Skip the 5th CoursePhoto courtesy 5th Course Bakery
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Mark Twain said, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Jaelyn Snead lives by this quote and has loved baking since childhood. Known to frequently steal her mom’s grocery list to secretly add things to it so she could try new recipes, she has continued that love of baking all the way from Cleveland.

In 2019, after she and her husband moved to Columbus for a fresh start on their life together, they created 5th Course Bakery. Snead’s husband, a fitness and wellness enthusiast, was not able to continue eating all the baked goods she made! He encouraged her to start her business and so it was!

All through a pandemic, where the U.S. saw many small businesses close, 5th Course Bakery not only thrived, but was able to expand. Fans can find their delicious scones at Java Central and Roasters in Westerville. Additionally, 5th Course Bakery has collaborated with Indulgence Ice Cream on a flavor combo that is sure to fire up tastebuds – Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake! Orders for this sweet and savory creamy treat can currently be placed online.

Snead is also working on showcasing her last courses to a university soon, so heads up for everyone cramming for those mid-terms and finals! Students will have the opportunity to taste 5th Course Bakery’s sweet treats this year. 

Here at Columbus Underground, we had the pleasure of meeting Snead and 5th Course Bakery when she reached out to us about partnering at the 5th Annual Columbus Coffee Festival. Her light and airy vanilla bean scones were our first introduction and we were all hooked. A limited number of our Coffee Festival guests even got to try her tasty treat, offering praises and looking for ways to order more.

If you’re looking for a yummy treat (or MANY) to try, check out 5th Course Bakery on Facebook or Instagram for lots of mouthwatering pictures of everything Snead creates. Or, you can head straight over to 5th Course Bakery’s ordering site and place an order for delivery or shipping.

Jaelyn Snead – Photo via Facebook
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