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Dish DeathMatch For CheeseHeads

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Dish DeathMatch For CheeseHeads
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People are serious about their cheese. Food scientists have even compiled lexicons of terms that are used to describe cheese, including “moldy , animalic , goaty” and something involving a “whiff of baby vomit.”

When it comes to feta cheese in particular, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyplace more serious than Mediterranean Foods Imports. In addition to grocery shelves of interesting noodles and nutellas of the world, there is a counter that is devoted exclusively to feta cheese.

At that particular counter, it’s all feta: in giant blocks, from all over the world. Today’s DeathMatch comes courtesy of the jaw-dropping selection of feta cheeses: Domestic or International?

The game’s a little tainted from the start, as the proprietor warned as he portioned off some domestic feta for purchase, “It’s a little flat”.

Flat isn’t really the word. The domestic version was really salty and really sour -which explains why scientists like to compare feta to “sauerkraut”.

On the international front, the choices are staggering. The store also carries feta from Africa, Europe and the Middle East: the feta comes from everywhere, all of it looks like giant white bricks behind the counter. Random pointing lead to the selection of two international representatives: French and Bulgarian feta cheeses.

Both were milder by a mile. Less bity and mean –with more rich creaminess. There was still a saltiness to the cheeses, but it hit later (rather than bludgeoning the palate immediately). The French version has a bit of a citrus accent, the Bulgarian version was just a smooth and creamy -but with something that almost approached a rosiness.

And none of the cheeses tasted very much the same. Today, the victory can go to Bulgaria – because who would think its feta cheese would be so darn creamy and good? You can go on your own feta flavor adventure at Mediterranean Foods Imports at 2647 N. High Street.

More information can be found online at www.facebook.com/Mediterranean-Foods-Imports/.

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