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Dish Deathmatch: Cheryl’s VS. C.Krueger’s

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Dish Deathmatch: Cheryl’s VS. C.Krueger’sC.Krueger's cookies (left) vs. Cheryl's (right) - Photo by Miriam Bowers Abbott
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Cheryl’s has been a big Columbus cookie purveyor for…decades. Purchased by 1-800-FLOWERS in 2005, it’s a reliable go-to for your chocolate chip, buttercream, and pretty much any other flavor of cookie your heart desires. 

An operation called “C.Krueger’s” entered the local market more recently in 2018. It’s run by Cheryl Krueger, who happens to be the same Cheryl from the original Cheryl’s. 

Got that?

It all makes for a diabolical deathmatch opportunity. Cookie vs. Cookie. Cheryl vs. C. 

First, a classic Chocolate Chip Cookie competition. Let’s begin with a few facts: there aren’t that many variations on chocolate chip cookie recipes.  You have to have sugar, fat, chocolate chips, flour and egg (or an egg replacement) to make things work. Beyond that, you can add token amounts of strange stuff (cream cheese, various extracts), but the outcome will always be pretty similar. 

So, the ingredient lists are a little different in the two versions. Based on the order of ingredients, the ratio of chocolate chips to flour differs. And C.Krueger’s adds honey, Cheryl’s adds “fructose.” 

From an eating perspective, the outcomes are different too. Cheryl’s makes a softer cookie, which is desirable. C.Krueger’s comes across as more “natural” tasting, and that’s also desirable. No consensus in superiority from the judges. 

C.Krueger’s (left) vs. Cheryl’s (right)

But the judging team awards a decisive victory in the buttercream frosted cookie contest. Both cookies were appealingly soft this time, but while Cheryl’s had a tidier frosting, it lacks the distinctly sweet, buttery-smooth flavor manifested in C.Krueger’s cookie. Honestly, buttercream cookies are a vehicle for frosting, so that sweet stuff needs to be on target. The upstart nails it for the win. 

Of course, you can do your own taste-test. There are locations throughout Columbus for both operations. And for those who don’t want to do the driving, both cookie makers offer robust shipping options, too. 

For more information, visit cheryls.com and ckruegers.com.

C.Krueger’s (left) vs. Cheryl’s (right)
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