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Destination Donuts Coming to both Hills Market Locations

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Destination Donuts Coming to both Hills Market Locations
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For those who’ve tried Heather Morris’ donuts, you know she’s the real deal. Her donuts are hand made from scratch and feature both familiar and exotic ingredients translated into unctuous pillows of sweet and savory decadence. She can usually be found bi-monthly on weekends at the North Market where she sets up as a daystall vendor.

For months, this cook turned project manager turned artisan baker has been establishing herself at the popular Downtown market where she has garnered a following that swears she makes the best version of the fried pastry they’ve ever had. Twice a month is not enough for this crowd, and so beginning on March 8, Destination Donuts will be delivering to The Hills Market Worthington Fridays through Sundays, with seven day a week delivery planned before the end of March.

In addition, Morris’ delicious doughnuts will be offered at the new Hills Market in Downtown on Grant Avenue. She is hoping to make appearances at both Hills Markets to promote the launch of the new venture as well as her own maturing business. The gourmet baker also hints that “there may be some special doughnut hole assortments pre-boxed down the road”, so be on the lookout for exciting flavors and combinations in the future.

For the earnest Columbus crowd however, Destination Donuts will offer the same indulgent varieties they always have including the maple sausage and lemon blueberry. Morris is now officially on the waiting list for a permanent spot at the North Market, and expects to be serving Central Ohio their favorite sugary indulgence for a long time to come.

For more information, visit www.destinationdonuts.com.

Photos via Destination Donuts.

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