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I popped in to Deepwood Friday after work just in time for one of their specialty cocktails – “Gin & Juice,” which was a mix of watermelon juice and Tanq 10. Very tasty, even though I’m usually more of a gin/olive kind of girl. The menu looked great, so I dragged Husband back tonight.

It was really good. We had about 6 appetizers, a bowl of soup and 4 glasses of wine and it was under $100. Everything we tried was really great. More with pix coming soon.

Particularly good were the duck confit spring rolls in the bar section of the restaurant; they were paired with a nice tart plum sauce, and they were a steal for around $7.

full disclosure: i am a pretty good aquaintance of the owner and friend of one of the managers, and if I had something bad to say, I would just leave it out, so don’t look to me for an unbiased review. I do have to say though, knowing the owners and chef, that they seem to have done a great job of balancing what is important in both areas of a restaurant.

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