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The Alive wrote City centered

By Jay Weitz

April 10, 2008

As apt as the title might be, Available Light Theatre’s newest production, Dead City, is not a lament for Columbus’ Downtown shopping mall. The celebrated play by Sheila Callaghan is, however, what’s been called a “riff” on James Joyce’s Ulysses, transplanted from the Dublin of June 16, 1904, to the New York of June 16, 2004.

Internet consultant, betrayed wife and mother of a dead son and a living but unfathomable daughter, Samantha Blossom is a modern-day female variation on Joyce’s Leopold Bloom. Jewel Jupiter, a punk poet who worships Patti Smith and is the age Samantha’s dead son would have been, corresponds to Joyce’s Stephen Dedalus.

None of that hurts to know, but as director Matt Slaybaugh noted, “Rest assured that no knowledge of Ulysses is at all necessary to enjoy Dead City, in the same way that no knowledge of The Hidden Fortress is necessary to enjoy Star Wars.”


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