Day Companies Working on Trio of Mixed-Use Projects Downtown

Walker Evans Walker Evans Day Companies Working on Trio of Mixed-Use Projects DowntownRendering via The Day Companies.
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The Day Companies has continued to buy, renovate and lease Downtown office and residential buildings, and their work in the area shows no sign of slowing down. Last August, the company purchased the One East Gay building, which was damaged in a fire last year, and three months later also purchased the long-vacant Madison’s Building, located right around the corner. Preliminary work has already begun on both of those projects, but another property has been added to the mix, with the acquisition of a single-story building at Third & Chestnut.

“It’s a pretty cool space — high ceilings, brick walls, concrete floors — all of it is open and it could be put to a lot of different uses,” said Ricky Day, Principal at The Day Companies. “It could be a great microbrewery or a cigar shop or a wine store. It has some outdoor space that could be utilized, and it’s right across from hotels and the Convention Center, so it’s in a nice little area.”

While Day says that one tenant could potentially lease the entirety of the 6,820 square foot building, they also envision a series of smaller tenants carving the space up for a potential mix of retail and office use with sizes ranging from 714 square feet to 2,487 square feet. Those spaces could be made available as soon as Summer 2015.

Meanwhile, work is also underway on One East Gay, which will contain a mix of retail, office and residential uses, though no tenants have currently been announced. The Madison’s Building on the other hand is a bit more complex, and Day explains that the process to determine the purpose of that building will take a bit more time.

“The end of June is when the state awards their tax credits, so that’s the earliest we’ll know what direction we’re going there,” he stated. “We do like everything we do to be mixed-use, all in one building. Ground floor spaces can be made for retail, but they could also be for office businesses.”

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