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Davis’s imminent loss alarms city’s art lovers

Chris Sunami Chris Sunami
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The Other Paper wrote Sunday night, a handful of musicians played the closing sets for “Davis Unplugged,” a singer/songwriter showcase at the endangered Davis Center for the Performing Arts.

Between songs, Megan Palmer, Matt Monta and others told the youngsters in the audience the stories behind their songs, and how they’d learned to write music when they were children.

In a further demonstration of its commitment to the arts, City Council voted last year to declare Columbus the “Independent Arts Capital of the World.” Despite those initiatives, the Davis was among the first organizations on the chopping block for the city’s 2009 budget proposal. The apparent contradiction did not escape the notice of one local author and Davis alum at last week’s hearing.

“Columbus claims to be the Indie Arts Capital of the World,” said Chris Sumani. “The arts are not expendable, and neither is the Davis Discovery Center.”

Although I wished they had spelled my name right — it’s “Sunami”.


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