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Danja Yoga to Open in Olde Towne East

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire Danja Yoga to Open in Olde Towne EastMeditation will be a focus of new studio Danja Yoga. Photo via Danja Yoga.
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For over three years, three partners have been searching for the perfect space to house Danja Yoga, a meditation and yoga space. They found it at 1125 Oak Street, in Olde Towne East. They are building out 3,700 square feet in The Gemma, a new development at the corner of Oak Street and South Ohio Avenue.

“We were ready to close the business loan just before the lockdown,” noted Daniel Sernicola, an owner of Danja Yoga. “So it all went on hold, but we are really excited to be back at work now.” 

Sernicola and partner, Jake Hays, have taught yoga for over five years in Columbus. Local Zen master Dan Rotnem is the third partner involved in the project.

“When Danja Yoga approached us with their vision, we immediately identified it as not just a business, but as an amenity that would enhance our property as well as the neighborhood,” says Gregg Gallas of GZD Development. GZD Development is working on the project with Mulberry.

Danja Yoga will transform the 4,000 square-foot-space into a large yoga room and a smaller space designed to welcome trauma-empowered clients, to do one-on-one teachings, and to be a broadcasting space for digital and streaming classes.

“We want our teachers to be very supported whether they are live or Livestream,” says Sernicola. Gender neutral restrooms, lockers and plenty of cubbies are being built into the space. A meditation hall at the rear of the space will also host Open Door Zen, an inclusive and welcoming community of meditators.

“We will welcome mediation from a variety of traditions,” says Rotnem.  A private treatment room for experiencing Reiki and relaxation is part of the Danja plan, too. 

“The entire space invites clients to relax, slow down, and leave their worries at the door,” says Hays.

The trio is working with architect Chuck Paros, who is excited about the design concept.

“We’re creating an inclusive and safe studio allowing a sense of calm to proliferate and nourish the mind, body, and spirit,” he says.

Compton Construction is doing the build out. The interior space brings the elements of nature to the forefront. Studio rooms are designed to invite students to come as they are and practice without judgement. Walls mimic the beauty of a rising sun, a forest immersion, and a cooling stream. There will be hardwood floors and diffused lighting. An Asian architectural touch is in the central gathering space and there will be a hand-painted mural. 

Local artist, Lisa McLymont, will create the mural mediating on themes of power, unity and love. 

“I am honored to have been invited to create for this space, and very excited to get started,” says McLymont. McLymont finds inspiration through Japanese art and I LOVE NY designer Milton Glaser.

“Whether you’re looking to have a robust workout or experience an escape from the chaos of the world,” notes Sernicola, “We will have a space for you!”

Danja Yoga is currently building out at 1125 Oak Street, Columbus, OH 43205 and plans an opening in November 2020. 

For more information, visit danjayoga.com.

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