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Dance Fitness Staying Strong at This Year’s Arnold Sports Festival

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire Dance Fitness Staying Strong at This Year’s Arnold Sports FestivalOver 200 people participated in Zumba at the Arnold in 2018 with Pamela Conn of Columbus Fit Life and international Zumba star Loretta Bates. Photo by Steckman and Lynch Photography.
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“There is a lot going on,” noted Pamela Conn of Columbus Fit Life and organizer of multiple dance and fitness events at the Arnold Classic 2019. “People will be dancing like never before at the Arnold Sports Festival 2019”

“Work out with us” is introduced to all the participants of this year’s Arnold Sports Festival. (Dance fitness that anyone could participate in was part of the Arnold Classic in 2018.)  Over 200 people came to Zumba and other dance sports such as Kangaroo Jump Dance were featured, too. This year the Zumba events will include not only dancing for everyone, but also instructor certifications. Tae Bo fans can take a master class with Billy Blanks in person at this year’s Arnold, and he will show off his new program, Boomboxing. There will also be Belly Dancing Body Fitness and Kangaroo Dance JUMP Instructor Training and demos classes.

Conn and local Zumba instructors have been working closely with Zumba HQ offices for the U.S. Zumba. They hope to have over 100 instructors certified to teach Zumba Fitness and also their newest program, Strong by Zumba, at this year’s Arnold. Strong by Zumba is based on High Intensity Interval Training, and is done to signature Zumba tempos.

Kelly Bullard, an internationally acclaimed Zumba education specialist, will lead Zumba Basic and Zumba Strong Trainings. Kim Neal of Pleasantville, OH recently certified in Zumba Basic with Bullard.

“She was very informative and exciting,” says Neal. “It was a blast to learn with her.”

Bullard learned Zumba so that the Minnesota school where she was teaching gym classes could do Zumba classes. Now, Bullard travels worldwide teaching and offering certifications, especially for Strong by Zumba.

Sign ups for Zumba may be done in advance through zumba.com.

Sunday morning at the 2019 Arnold, Billy Blanks fans can take a workshop and learn about his new program Boomboxing. Sunday afternoon Tae Bo fans can take a master class with Blanks for only $25.  

Two other dance fitness organizations will be doing instructor trainings at this year’s Arnold. Kangaroo Dance will have classes all three days at the 2019 Arnold, and kangaroo boots will be available for rent. Belly Dancing Body Fitness (‘the mystic workout’) will hold a teacher training on Sunday. Belly Dancing will also hold a Little Genies event at the Arnold Kids area.

“It’s very fun and kid-friendly belly dancing,” says Conn.

This year the dance fitness program at the Arnold is piloting a ‘Dance for Friendship’ competition. There are plans to have many dance crews join the fun at the ASF 2020.

“The Arnold organization has been 100 percent behind us,” said Conn. “It is great to see that the ASF team promotes lifestyle fitness for everyone, through our new ‘Work out with us’ initiative. We look forward to having the entire North wing of the Convention Center, dedicated to hosting Instructor Trainings, Inspiring workshops, and many fitness classes for EVERYONE!”

For more information on the Arnold Sports Festival, visit arnoldsportsfestival.com.

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