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Cuzzin’s Frozen Yogurt – Review

 Submitted News Cuzzin’s Frozen Yogurt – Review
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It seems that lately Columbus has had quite the proliferation of frozen yogurt stores. It seems like it wasn’t too long ago that people on here were asking themselves “why don’t we have a frozen yogurt place, like pinkberry, in town.”

And now we have lots of options. Red Mango, Yagoot, Orange Leaf, and the subject of this post my current favorite, Cuzzin’s. Cuzzin’s is located in the shops on Lane Ave., right next to where the Wolfgang Puck place used to be.

There seem to be two different approaches to the frozen yogurt fad. Either toppings are placed upon the yogurt for you, and you pay by size/number of toppings. OR, you choose your own toppings, both type and amount, and pay by weight. Cuzzin’s is in the latter category.

I have to say, I’m a fan of the second approach. You end up with a much wider variety of combinations, allowing for a bit of creativity in your dessert selection and, because you directly control the end cost, it doesn’t have to be an expensive purchase. So, it can be a much more common treat.

Cuzzin’s has a handful of different yogurt flavors, I think between 4 and 6, but I can’t recall off the top of my head. They have the standard tart yogurt of course, but they also a variety of sweetened and flavored yogurts as well. The flavors change quite frequently as well.

The benefits of the self-serve approach is truly highlighted by the different flavors of yogurt. Even before getting to the topping stage, it allows you to come up with great flavor combinations. If you wanted to, you could probably leave satisfied based on the yogurt alone.

But you wouldn’t want to.

Because the toppings are vast, varied, and very delicious.

You can be as healthy as you want when it comes to the toppings. They have an assorted grouping of fruits, which on my last visit included strawberries, rasberries, blackberries, kiwi, mango, and maybe pineapple (I can’t recall for sure on the last one). Usually fruit is my go to topping. It makes me feel like I’m eating something that’s healthy :)But, if you wanted to go the unhealthy route, they have assorted cookies, candy, and particularly delicious: chocolate covered pretzels. There is also a variety of not fruit, not candy toppings too. Things like nuts (toasted almonds, yum!), graham cracker crumbs, etc. Also an option mochi. I find these to be particularly delicious when paired with different fruits.

One great thing about the toppings is that they’re all chopped rather small. That gives you much greater control over the amount you put on your yogurt. (Other self-serve places in town seem to have much bigger topping chunks, too big actually. My theory is that other places intentionally make the pieces bigger in an attempt to drive up the final weight and as a result, price.)

Finally, the best thing about Cuzzin’s is perhaps the friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Everyone who works there is incredibly nice and outgoing. The owners are accessible and from my experience open to suggestions (for example, suggestions about things that might make good additions to the topping options).

It seems that they’re doing quite well so far. Every time I’ve been in there, a steady stream of customers have been coming and going. Hopefully that sort of business keeps up, because Cuzzin’s stands out in my mind as the best Columbus has to offer when it comes to frozen yogurt.

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