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Nightlife Review: Customization is Key at Condado Tacos

Jenna Taylor Jenna Taylor Nightlife Review: Customization is Key at Condado TacosAll photos by Jenna Taylor.
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Condado, the latest Mex-American concept created by restaurateur Joe Kahn has officially opened its eclectic doors for the first time in Columbus. The restaurant occupies the old Circus Bar at 1223 North High Street, a location convenient for those who work, play, or live in the Short North area. The atmosphere here has a personality unlike any eatery that has dared to dance its’ feet in this highly competitive part of High Street. Artwork resemblant to the Mexican holiday, the Day of the Dead, is hand-painted and stenciled throughout the walls of Condado by the Finko Creative group. Dim lighting and aged wooden church pews balances the need to be contemporary without losing that sense of home feel.

Condado appeals to those foodies who’s appetites and creative minds have ventured beyond the limited menus of Chipotle. Everything on Condado’s menu is made in house daily and the d.i.y menu has a more wide-spread offering such as freshly tossed shrimp ceviche, corn and flour tortillas shells, toppings such as a jicama slaw, red pickled onions, and original salsas and guacamoles like the fragrant pineapple salsa and a tongue-tantalizing Tuscan guacamole consisting of goat cheese, basil, balsamic, and crushed pepitas.


Customized tacos start at $3 each, but if first time jitters have led you astray order from the Taco Suggestions menu where the more innovative and ambitious tacos are nestled. For $4 you can try the piping hot Poncho’s Ghost, a juicy pulled pork taco in a corn hard shell, toppled with red cabbage, onions, tomatoes, chihuahua cheese, all drizzled in a ghost pepper sauce.


Condado not only beats the competition in food variety but they’ve also set the bar with their fifty options of tequilas and whiskeys. Both whiskey and tequila options are categorized from standard, which are priced as low as $6, to ultra-premium with a price tag as low as $11 per shot. But if you’re feeling indecisive in the liquor department, Condado has got you covered. Order the Three Amigos and choose three of your favorite whiskeys or tequilas. If shots aren’t appropriate for your occasion, feel free to request your favorite whiskey or tequila to be used in a single margarita or a pitcher for the whole party.

Speaking of margaritas, Condado gives its’ patrons the option to construct them to their liking with typically unheard of flavors such as banana and prickly pear.

Customization is key to a successful visit at Condado. Be prepared to be given a playground of options to construct your taco, bowl, and/or margarita to your liking. But don’t shy away from bugging the attentive wait staff about pairings and suggestions, because there’s honestly that much darn food to choose from. Whether your diet is gluten free, vegan friendly, vegetarian, dairy free, or even judgement free, Condado has the tools to create the perfect taco and margarita you’ve always imagined.

For more information, visit www.condadotacos.com.


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