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¡¡Cubano!! Slow Food Columbus Goes Cuban

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Slow Food Columbus has been planning for almost a year to recreate this traditional Cuban “Celebration of the Pig.” The China Box is so named because it was first introduced to Cuban culture by a Chinese traveler. It slowly cooks a whole pig marinated in Cuban flavors producing an extraordinarily juicy and savory dish that literally falls from the bone and all the charm of a whole pig roast from any culture. Columbus Barbeque guru and pig man extraordinaire Rick Malir from City BBQ will be offering his considerable skills to prepare a masterpiece.

McPeek Lodge, Granville, OH
Saturday, May 2, 5:30 p.m.
Tickets on sale now!

We will start with ceviche, consisting of seafood provided by Angelo Edwards of The Fish Guys, and Cuban salsa and chips donated by John “CaJohn” Hard, both of the North Market. Our antibiotic-free, Ohio-raised guest of honor will be accompanied by four traditional Cuban sides, prepared and generously donated by Chef Kevin Caskey at Banana Bean Café, and another generous donation of the Cuban bread you love from Starliner Diner. A special offering from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams should match the food and be the perfect finish.

So that you have just what you like to quench your thirst, we invite you to bring your favorite beverages and something from which to imbibe. We have compiled some suggested wine and beverage pairings, as well as a list of local suppliers, for your convenience.

Visit the Slow Food Columbus website for details and to purchase tickets ($40 member / $65 nonmember / $25 child).

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