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Cub Shrub Opening Second Location

Anne Evans Anne Evans Cub Shrub Opening Second LocationPhoto by Walker Evans.
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It’s been just over a year since kid-focused Cub Shrub opened in the Short North, and owners Niki and Josh Quinn have announced a second location for the venture.

“We opened the first Cub Shrub when our daughter, Emma, was born and we realized that there were not many local places to find interesting, well designed clothing and toys for kids,” says Niki Quinn.

The second store will be located in Grandview at 1257 Grandview Avenue, and at 1,100 square-feet, will be just a tad larger than the Short North location.

“We have had our eye on that block in Grandview for a while,” she says. “It just has that amazing mix of local businesses that are so good and make so much sense together.”

Cub Shrub's opening day in the Short North. Photo by Walker Evans.

Cub Shrub’s opening day in the Short North. Photo by Walker Evans.

The Quinns’ first store was Tigertree, a men’s and women’s lifestyle store that has grown through several locations in the Short North. In March, the store will celebrate its tenth anniversary.

“While we believe that Tigertree definitely has many unique things to offer, there certainly has been a boom in the opening of independent shops for men’s and women’s clothing,” notes Quinn. “The market for kids 0-5 is still vastly underserved.”

After making the decision to expand their kids’ section to a stand alone store, they looked for a location close to Tigertree.

“We were really passionate about the first Cub Shrub being on that same block as Tigertree because it just has that same special something,” says Quinn. She and Josh feel the block on Grandview Avenue has that same special vibe.

“Aside from the retail neighbors, Grandview is just such a great, charming neighborhood.”

The new store does not have a planned opening date, although the target date is late this Spring. Initial plans call for the second store to carry the same products, although Quinn says “the Grandview location will evolve to fit whatever different needs exist for that community over time.”

Find Cub Shrub in the Short North at 749 N. High St., Columbus, Ohio 43215 and online at shoptigertree.com.

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