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CU Live: Weird Food Trends of 2020

Walker Evans Walker Evans CU Live: Weird Food Trends of 2020
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Watermelon Seed Butter? Chocolate Avocado Pudding? Brussels Sprout Puffs?

Columbus Underground Associate Editor Susan Post and BrewDog Marketing Lead Bryant Miller got together back in March to talk about some of the weirdest food trends predicted to take over the world (or at least your Instagram feed) in 2020.

“I found this crazy list on Eater.com of 2020 food trends,” said Post. “It had everything from normal stuff that you’d expect to things that I didn’t know we should be eating.”

Some trends like plant-based proteins (Impossible Burgers), cauliflower and mocktails made all the sense in the world to Miller.

“I don’t drink a ton, so I love the idea of N/As and alcohol-frees — I think that is the category of 2020,” he stated. “People want to feel special and social, they just may not want to drink.”

Click here to check out the original Eater.com list.

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