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Crew having trouble attracting players to Columbus

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So says Sigi Schmid, in Bob Hunter’s column in the Dispatch this morning. Surely the LiveWorkPlayColumbus.com site will cure this problem.

The Columbus Dispatch wrote Bob Hunter commentary: Rumblings

Friday, October 12, 2007

By Bob Hunter

Coach Sigi Schmid says the Crew has been unable to sign some foreign stars to fill its designated player spot because the team is based in Columbus.

Among the first thing the Crew needs to do when it approaches a player “is explain where Columbus is,” Schmid said. “That’s not a slight on Columbus. I think it’s a great city and I live here as well. But the situation is that a lot of guys overseas are not quite sure where it is.”

Telling them, apparently, is not enough.

“(Swiss player) Raphael Wicky, he was willing to go to L.A. because his wife wanted to go to fashion school in L.A.,” Schmid said. “But he was not willing to come to Columbus.”

When Schmid says “it’s not like we’re Chicago, New York or Dallas,” he means that Columbus doesn’t have the shopping, the glitz, etc., that some of the players and their wives are looking for.


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