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Cream & Sugar Now Open in The Hilltop

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Cream & Sugar Now Open in The Hilltop
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The Dairy Queen that’s sat at 2185 Sullivant Avenue for more years than most of us can remember is now no more. A once-frequented stop for haloed ice-cream treats on hot, summer days, the DQ eventually became a victim of changing time, landscape, and attitude.

In its stead now sits Cream & Sugar, a coffee shop/ice cream parlor/drive thru that’s giving residents a new tradition to follow. There, they can still buy ice-cream, this one smoother and richer because of the addition of custard, but also so much more.

cream-n-sugarRachel Upton is the owner of Cream & Sugar, which she opened in her Hilltop neighborhood as a way for her to give back to her community. She’d always wanted to own a coffee shop, and when that dream expanded into her wanting to also serve high-quality ice-cream, a delicious idea was born.

“Everyone I talked to loved the idea of both a local ice-cream shop, as well as a place to pick up quality coffee on the go,” shares Upton. “We are really excited to give back to this area, and honored by the overwhelmingly positive response from our community.”

Already, Cream & Sugar has been granted a Commercial Community Impact Award, as well as a Beautification Award from the Friends of Hilltop. Their most popular item is their ice-cream, which comes in three flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and signature blueberry.

These can be blended with any number of toppings and syrups for the ultimate treat. Cream & Sugar sells their ice-cream cones in three sizes ranging in cost from $1.75-$3.25. Their coffee, which can also be purchased at the drive thru, comes in two sizes: regular for $1.75, and large for $0.50 more.

Cream & Sugar proudly serves Stauf’s Locally Roasted Coffee as part of their ongoing commitment to local producers. They also serve quick combo meals for lunch or dinner (sandwich/side/drink for $5.99), and these, too, use primarily Ohio ingredients.

Root’s Shredded Chicken, Ballreicht’s Potato Chips, Falter’s Hot Dogs, and Phillip’s Coneys are just some of the partnerships Upton has formed since opening Cream & Sugar on August 18th, and these relationships help to keep the quality high and cost low for consumers.

Cream & Sugar is also already in talk with the PTA programs in schools in the area to establish a local coupon program where students can earn ice-cream rewards for good behavior and performance.

“Our shop is already being well-received by neighbors,” adds Upton. “We feel like our food will draw people from all across the city.”

Cream & Sugar is open till 9pm every night, with opening hours from 11am, Monday-Friday, and from noon, Saturday-Sunday. For a longer look at their menu, and to see weekly specials and events, follow them at www.facebook.com/CreamNSugarshop.

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