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Crafted Drafts Beer Shop Opening on Hamilton Road

Walker Evans Walker Evans Crafted Drafts Beer Shop Opening on Hamilton Road
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If you live in the northeast quadrant of Columbus and have trouble finding a good beer selection, the Crafted Drafts is your answer. Local pilot-turned-entrepreneur Mike Troy is currently in the process of getting his new retail venture launched this month where customers will be able to find a wide selection of local, regional and national bottled brews.

We spoke recently with Mike to find out more about the new Crafted Drafts retail shop. Our full Q&A can be found below:

Q: First, can you tell us a bit about your personal and professional background as it relates to beer?

A: I’ve been a follower of craft beer since I was introduced to it back in college with my first bottle of Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout. I didn’t realize that beer could be more than just Milwaukee’s Best and Red Dog. I’ve been a pilot prior to opening this business which allowed me to travel all over the country trying different region’s beers and seeing just what was possible and what the market needed.

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Q: So what made you interested in launching your own craft beer retail store?

A: Living in Columbus, I was often frustrated when trying to find a good bottle shop that just catered to beer and had a knowledgable staff that could answer questions about different beers and special releases. I know a guy who opened a beer shop up in Minneapolis and decided that his shop was exactly what I wanted here, so I decided to make a career change and open a true craft beer bottle shop.

Q: The career change from pilot to craft beer retailer sounds like quite the shift.

A: Well, the airline industry has been quite shaky ever since September 11th and has had a real difficult time recovering. Any hope of it coming back was crushed by the recession, which was what destabilized the company I had been working for. I was already thinking of making some sort of change but was not sure where I wanted to go. The guy who opened The Four Firkins up in Minneapolis was talking to me about beer shops and so two years ago my wife and I started planning a beer store for here in Columbus. I was later furloughed from the airline I was working for, which allowed me to focus completely on opening Crafted Drafts. It pretty much made my decision to switch to this company an easy decision to make.

Q: So what types and styles of beers will Crafted Drafts specialize in?

A: We will have all kinds of beers. We will have a full section just for Ohio beers because I’m pretty proud and impressed by the great beer that this state is brewing up. One of the other primary focuses we will have is a very large single bottle wall for making your own four/six packs. Some stores have the option to make up your own six pack, but the selection is often limited. As a consumer, I want a place where I can make a six pack out of just about any bottle that is in stock, which is what we will have available.

Q:What drew you to opening in this location on Hamilton Road?

A: Everyone knows where the Morse/Hamilton intersection is, so finding it will be pretty easy. It’s two miles from I-270, so it’s easy to get to from anywhere in town. Plus, this area really doesn’t have any good locations to go to for craft beer.

Q:When is your target opening date, and what do you have planned for your grand opening?

A: We plan on opening up in August. We don’t’ have a specific date yet since we are at the mercy of state inspections and their time tables. When we know, we’ll post it on our Facebook, Twitter and website to give everyone a heads up.

More information can be found online at www.crafteddrafts.com.

Photo via Crafted Drafts.

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