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Council Announces Effort to Curb Illegal ATV and Dirt Bike Operation

Taijuan Moorman Taijuan Moorman Council Announces Effort to Curb Illegal ATV and Dirt Bike OperationRobert Lee Cortes/Pexels
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On Wednesday, July 21, Columbus City Council announced legislative and enforcement efforts to curb “reckless” and illegal ATV and dirt bike operation throughout the city.

The efforts include new legislation charging reckless operating of an ATV or dirt bike with a fine of up to $1,000 and police confiscation of the vehicle.

“Since the beginning of 2021, I’ve heard from residents from all over the city about how illegal operation of ATVs and dirt bikes are causing havoc in our neighborhoods, driving recklessly down our streets, and destroying our public parks,” said Councilmember Mitchell Brown.

Councilmember Brown said that Council has received dozens of emails, and the Columbus Division of Police has received over 700 calls related to illegal ATV and dirt bike operation.

“While we work to reduce our homicide and gun violence, and we are very serious about doing that…we also have to address other crimes and issues that impact our neighborhoods and families,” said Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant. She said this is an increased issue being seen nationwide.

Deputy Chief Jennifer Knight showed video recorded in Columbus as an example of the kind of ATV and dirt bike operation the city is referring to and said later that the city has seen several injuries as a result.

“The people engaging in this behavior are clearly endangering themselves and the public,” said Chief Bryant. “If concern for your own…lives and safety of innocent people around you isn’t enough to stop you, you leave us no choice but to take stronger measures.”

The new legislation will be voted on Monday, July 26.

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