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COTA seeks grant for 6 extra-long hybrid buses

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The Dispatch wrote COTA seeks $5.7 million grant for 6 extra-long hybrid buses

Friday, August 1, 2008


Super-long, environmentally friendly buses powered by a combination of electricity and diesel are in the Central Ohio Transit Authority’s future. COTA is seeking $5.7 million through a federal grant to purchase six articulated hybrid buses.

Each bus is 62 feet long, bends in the middle and holds about 100 riders. It runs on electric batteries and switches over to a diesel engine. The buses don’t idle, Lhota said. Idling is a major source of pollution and fuel waste.

“Generally, particularly in congested Downtown areas, you are running on battery power, so you are not using the diesel engine as much as you would on a diesel bus,” he said.

The authority’s biggest buses are 40 feet long, the maximum allowed on Columbus streets. COTA is working with Columbus officials to change the city code to allow the longer buses.


I thought the part about Cleveland’s new buses was particularly interesting:

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority has purchased 21 articulated hybrid buses that will start running in late October.

Instead of curbside pickup like a regular bus, the articulated buses in Cleveland will pick up riders at “stations” on median strips about every 1,500 feet.

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