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Contest underway for new Clintonville neighborhood signs

Anne Evans Anne Evans Contest underway for new Clintonville neighborhood signs
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As part of the City of Columbus’ Bicentennial Celebration, Clintonville is due to receive 7 new gateway signs. These signs will be used to visually define entrances to Clintonville. The Planning & Development Committee (P&D) and the Clintonville Area Commission (CAC) have issued a call for entries for the design of the sign’s interior.

Details on the sizing of the sign: “The City of Columbus will provide either a single or double pole with a single-sided Signboard (either 40” w x 20” ht or 60” w x 30” ht), depending on location.” Measurements for 40” x 20” are shown below:

This sample sign is already in consideration for the final design.

The design must say “Welcome to Clintonville” and all entries must be received by April 15, 2012. All signs will include the City of Columbus’ Bicentennial logo. This may be incorporated by the artist, or added in later. Anyone is permitted to enter up to 3 designs.

A Facebook group, Clintonville New Gateway Signage, has been created “as a platform to gather and communicate ideas about the new Clintonville signage.” This open group is looking for as many members as possible and will provide you a place to express your ideas about what the new signs should stand for.

There is no financial incentive being given for this contest, and all designs become the property of the CAC. You must be at least 18 years of age to enter a design. To enter, call 614-267-7400 to deliver your design to 4840 N. High St. For more details, visit www.clintonvilleareacommission.org.


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