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Construction Roundup: May 2013 Part 1

Walker Evans Walker Evans Construction Roundup: May 2013 Part 1
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The month of May has been a busy one in the realm of urban development and construction, and we’ve decided to change things up a bit with our Construction Roundup format to reflect that. Instead of just providing information about what’s pictured below, we’re going to give you more of a recap to all types of development news from the past month for a more well-rounded review.

First off, Columbus landed a new Development Director with Steven Schoeny, who we interviewed last week to find out what he has in mind for the future of urban development. A new 504-unit apartment building was announced in Westerville near Polaris, while we also dove into the Plan Uptown Westerville project that provides guidelines for the historic core of the suburb . The City of Columbus unveiled its first large-scale solar panel installation project to the public. The first of two new apartment buildings at Neighborhood Launch (pictured below) started going skyward this month with the construction of elevator and stairwell shafts. We learned that demand is high for both the Liberty Place and Highpoint apartment developments (both pictured below) which are currently under construction. There was also a big splash made in Bexley, where an urban two-story Giant Eagle grocery store will replace the existing City Hall building.

That’s only half the development news from May, though. So once you’ve browsed the photos below, CLICK HERE to jump to Part Two of the May 2013 Construction Roundup.

Visit the archive of photos here: Construction Roundup Archive.

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