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Concert Review: You Blew It!, The So So Glos, The Front Bottoms, and Say Anything

Miranda Rife Miranda Rife Concert Review: You Blew It!, The So So Glos, The Front Bottoms, and Say Anything
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You Blew It!, The So So Glos, The Front Bottoms and Say Anything were the bands on the bill this Wednesday night at Newport Music Hall. The show started early in the evening and so did the mosh pit.

Orlando punk band You Blew It! opened the show and the crowd went wild almost immediately. By the second song, there was a steady pushing forward and when the band asked everyone to move around for the third track, it was difficult to stay standing. They played a short set of angst-filled tracks, joined by Say Anything lead singer Max Bemis for their final song. For an opening band, they really captivated the crowd, or at least got them riled up.

The So So Glos took the stage next. A four-piece from Brooklyn with a homemade banner and beat up leather jackets, they looked like they walked out of the ‘90s, and sounded like it too. They walked on stage to the Beastie Boy’s “Fight For Your Right.” With an authentic punk sound (as well as look and attitude,) they also were a hit with the crowd.

When the So So Glo’s set ended and the lights came back on, there was a buzz of excitement across the crowd. It grew and grew as members of the Front Bottoms came to the stage to sound check and prepare for the show. The Front Bottoms are an indie rock duo from New Jersey with punk influences and lyrics that make you feel like you’re hanging out with them at a late night bonfire in the middle of the summer. Brian Sella sings and plays guitar with Matt Uychich on drums. They brought along some additional touring musicians. They band has been together since 2006 but has been gaining more momentum since their 2013 release Talon of the Hawk. The band also recently released a six song EP called Rose, and they opened with a track from there.

In the crowd it was hard to stay up straight because of all the pushing but also impossible to fall over due to being packed so tight. The stage had three giant inflatable letters lighted behind the band; T, F, and B. The Front Bottoms were the highlight of the night. For their final track they played their single “Twin Sized Mattress,” joined by members of each of the other bands, and it was an all out frenzy.

Though Say Anything was the headliner, their set was somewhat lackluster after their openers. The band has been together for fourteen years and it shows, but not in a good way. Lead singer Max Bemis sported a beer belly and a pair of skinny jeans he should have retired a few tours back. The band moved around a little, but mostly looked compact and uncomfortable on Newport’s stage.

Nonetheless, a good time was had by everyone in sight. If you’ve ever wondered if the punk scene was still alive in Columbus, this show would assure you that it’s not just alive, it’s alive and kicking.

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