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Concert Review: Van Dale, Dolfish & Old Hundred EP Release Show

Cassandra Zahran Cassandra Zahran Concert Review: Van Dale, Dolfish & Old Hundred EP Release ShowOld Hundred — Photo by Cassandra Zahran.
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Last night, Ace of Cups made good live, local music accessible to the average Columbus weekenders. The bill featured three Columbus’ favorites; Van Dale, Dolfish and Old Hundred.  The show, ultimately centered around Old Hundred’s EP, was a good excuse to party with good people and great music. The Columbus music-goers congregated to see one (two, or three) of their admired Columbus bands.

Van Dale – 10 p.m.

Everyone (including myself)  loves everything about the Van Dale dudes.

Joe, Tim and Travis are an alternative, punk rock trio. Joe (vocals and guitar) led drummer, Tim, and bassist, Travis through heavy melodies and wailing vocals. The boys opened their set with some of their heaviest and most familiar material, before slowing it down with “Awalking Home,” a track off their 2013 self-titled album. Joe began with a comedic “3-2-1…” countdown, the guitar intro resembled a soundtrack to a sappy romantic comedy. The appeal to Van Dale is exactly this– the boys are simply relatable. Joe belts his vocals with a gaping smile on his face, Travis is charmingly shy on  bass and Tim reeks of enthusiasm. Their multifaceted style of rock keeps the guitar riffs unpredictable  while the punk rock influences dirty up their sound. Although, last night was a semi-tamed version of the usual Van Dale set, the boys successfully hyped the entire bar, and the crowd sang and danced along with each track. Van Dale captivates the crowd each time. As long as the trio continues making music, the boys will remain a Columbus favorite. For more info, visit vandale.bandcamp.com.

Dolfish – 11:15 p.m.

Max Sollisch, under stage-name Dolfish, was warmly welcomed back to hometown Columbus, Ohio. With songs that are brief, personal and emotional, Dolfish’s set is never long enough. Opening the night with a few new tracks, Dolfish’s sweet adenoidal sounds influenced individuals to take a cross-legged seat in front of the stage. Audience members emotionally tuned-in and mentally tuned-out as Dolfish made way through his set.


Sollisch intermittently shared short anecdotes with the crowd, engaging in conversation before and after each performed song. Three tracks in, Dolfish played his impromptu cover, sharing the importance and relevance of this classic track. Sollisch began playing Big Star’s Thirteen,” speeding up the track with an unpredictable tempo, making the piece original and skillfully interpreted. The naked sound of his guitar beautifully complimented the vulnerability in his voice. Sollisch’s masters a unique approach to folk-rock, successfully standing out amongst many who attempt this niche. For more info, visit www.facebook.com/dolfishmusic.

Old Hundred – 12:00 p.m.

Listed in Paste Magazine’s “Top 10 Ohio Bands You Should Be Listening To…” Old Hundred’s EP instantly left a notable impression. The bands shoe-gazey, americana-folk feel immediately enticed the crowd within moments of stepping on stage. The six-piece band, composed of four guitars, percussion, keys and the occasional electric violin, created a blended wall of sound, enriched with four part harmonies.  I was impressed to see this six-piece play in precise collaboration, no one member disrupted the uniform sound.  The band’s tracks differed from one to the next, highlighting the bands versatile capabilities, stretching their sound. As Old Hundred progressed with  their set, I was surprised to find the band continued to explore new genres effortlessly. “I Don’t Want To Die,” the title track of the recently released EP, features meticulous guitar picking and rich harmonies. The track is heavily bodied and dream-like, an energy that naturally continues throughout the entire album. Old Hundred’s live performance beautifully brought the album to life. If the band’s live execution of the album is any indication of what is to come, Old Hundred will continue to impress. For more info, visit oldhundred.bandcamp.com.

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