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Concert Review: The Wailers and 311at The LC

Miranda Rife Miranda Rife Concert Review: The Wailers and 311at The LCAll photos by Matt Ellis.
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This Monday night 311 and The Wailers took the stage at the LC Pavilion. After a downpour right before show time, fans worried the show would be called off, but PromoWest assured everyone via social networks that the show would go on, rain or shine. By the time The Wailers took the stage around 7:30pm, fans were facing their weather-related fears and trickling in. The Wailers, of Bob Marley and The Wailers, performed an hour-long set featuring reggae favorites such as “No Woman, No Cry,” “Buffalo Solider,” “One Love,” and said “rastafari” a lot. They also performed a tribute to Bob Marley. Though their band is famous for backing Marley, at this point only one member who ever played with Marley remains in the group. Bassist Aston Barrett is the oldest of The Wailers, a founding member since 1969. The crowd did some swaying and clapping, but for the most part didn’t seem particularly excited for the reggae group.

By the time 311 took the stage both the grass and pit had filled with fans of all ages, from veteran rockers to youngsters being carried by their parents, many wearing their 311 shirts, in case it wasn’t obvious who they had come to see.

311 is a well-known group, formed in 1988 in Nebraska. They had their biggest success in 1995 with their self-titled album achieving triple platinum status. Unlike their openers, 311 has kept their original line-up, for the most part. Over the years, one member had been replaced and one member has been added to the group. They are currently a five-piece group and their most recent release is titled Stereoliphic, which they’re touring to promote.

The group was a crowd pleaser, though most of their songs sounded the same. The band seemed to be having fun on stage and the crowd seemed to feel the same. There was dancing and clapping and hands in the air. The most notable dancing was that of band member S.A. Martinez, who provides vocals and turntables for the group. He danced like an embarrassing drunk uncle at a family reunion.

Halfway through the headliner’s set the possibility of severe weather once again threatened, but 311 played on to a backdrop of thunder and lightening. There was a rush for the door when it became apparent that the venue would soon be doused with rain and the PromoWest crew were decked out in their rain ponchos, but the bands true fans weathered the storm for the remainder of the set.

Overall, fans of 311 were pleased by the show. The crowd was laid back and friendly and so was the band. Fans attending for the typical 311 experience got just what they were looking for.

Matt Ellis is a freelance photographer who covers bands that visit the city and the Columbus Crew MLS team. More about Matt can be found at Matt Ellis Photography.








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