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Concert Preview: The Salty Caramel’s Album Release at Woodlands Tavern

Miranda Rife Miranda Rife Concert Preview: The Salty Caramel’s Album Release at Woodlands Tavern
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They’ve been called the best all-girl band in Columbus, and it’s time for you to find out for yourself. The Salty Caramels have been rocking the city since the fall of 2012 and are about to release their first album as their new, sweeter, sassier selves. They’ve got a new line-up, which is now includes Sarah Overdier, Emily Ng, Paige Vandiver and Molly Winters. They are releasing Damn Good Woman this Friday, June 13th. The show will be at Woodland’s Tavern at 8pm, and also feature the Hocking River String Band of Lancaster, Ohio as well as The DewDroppers, and Mary Lynn. Read on the learn more about The Salty Caramels via and Q&A with Emily Ng, who plays viola, bass, and singing saw.

Q: How did The Salty Caramels meet?

A: We all met through Molly. Sarah and Emily knew Molly through the local music scene; Sarah played solo and Emily was in other folk-y bands. Paige met Molly out of the blue at Byrne’s in Grandview listening to live Irish music. Molly learned that Paige played drums and that was the beginning!

Q: How did you pick the name The Salty Caramels?

A: We were named after the world-famous salty caramel ice cream from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. We also like the metaphor that women can be both salty and sweet!

Q: How did you choose the name for your new album?

A: We narrowed down our album choices based off of songs from the album. We narrowed it down to three titles and then asked our friends on which album name to choose. Our title track Damn Good Woman was what we chose because I guess it can also describe us as a group.

Q: I see one of your members plays glockenspiel, what does a glockenspiel sound like?

A: The glockenspiel is similar xylophone, but made of metal, not wood. Some people might think of a glockenspiel as a version of the xylophone or bells.

Q: How would you describe the sound of The Salty Caramels to someone who hasn’t heard you before?

A: Nostalgic, Americana, Rock. We play songs with an old-timey vibe, but the songs are still pop-rock. It’s unique because we use slightly different instrumentation than a traditional band and we try to have tight three-part harmonies.

Q: Is there anything else everyone should know before they come see your release show?

A: Be prepared to be caramelized (just kidding). All four of us have grown tremendously musically and became closer as a band. We’re so excited to release this album because we’ve put so much work into it. At the show, we’ll be doing some collaboration with our friends the Hocking River String Band and of course, songs from the new album.

Check out The Salty Caramel’s website at www.thesaltycaramels.net and don’t forget to head out to Woodlands Tavern this Friday to be caramelized.

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