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Concert Preview: Mac DeMarco

Cassandra Zahran Cassandra Zahran Concert Preview: Mac DeMarco
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Alas, the gap-toothed Canadian has finally made voyage to the Midwest! Tonight, at the (fabulously) dirty rock bar, Skully’s Music Diner, Mac DeMarco will be making his debut in Columbus, Ohio.

The Canadian-turned-New-Yorker is a genuine goofball– to put it lightly. His comedic character is entertaining, shameless and entirely unpredictable. His soft, sentimental vocals are charming and effortless. This unique character we’re all growing to know and love has zero “fluff.” The man is au naturale.

After DeMarco’s second studio album release, 2, the 24-year old was heaved into indie-pop royalty. With breakout attention from Pitchfork Magazine, Paste Magazine and “First Listens” on NPR, Mac fell head-first down a steep hill to fame (with a cloud of cigarette smoke immediately following). Making the transition from avant garde glam-pop-rock in DeMarco’s 2012 release, Rock ‘n’ Roll Night Club, to beach-rock with sweet, crooner vocals in 2, DeMarco writes about heartaches, his gal Kiki and his daddy “cooking up (drugs) in the kitchen.” Before Mac grew into his current indie-rock persona, the young man was a cross-dressing dancing queen. Mac’s identity was fabulous, un-tapped and undiscovered. With decision to sign with Captured Tracks Label and produce a lower key album, Mac hung up his glam pants and put the lipstick in the medicine cabinet; Shortly after this transition, made it to the big leagues.

An album cohesive from start to finish, 2 reeks of subtle tastes of psychedelic riffs and simplistic beach-y guitar melodies, amplified with his pedals and synthesizer.”Cooking Up Something Good,” the first track on the record, sets Mac’s precedent for the entire album. The goofy, catchy rhythm so casually welcomes Mac’s vocals, leaving the listener in a silky, amenable state. The listener is along for Mac’s ride as we approach “Annie,” presenting warping vocals and guitar melodies that melt into a downward spiral. The album concludes with a tender, sentimental love ballad, “Still Together,” simply sweet and raw. Mac’s falsetto vocals shake as he makes the octave jump to sing the chorus, accompanied by his own gentle strumming of the acoustic guitar. As the track concludes, conversation between Mac and his girlfriend, Kiki, expose a sliver of the life of the two lovebirds.

A performer who is cautioned to present nudity and a “loosey, goosey time,” Mac’s show will encourage quizzical activity. Take a chance, engage in a night of cigarette smoking and dancing with strangers– or possibly Mac himself. You may grant yourself the best night of your summer.

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