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Comic Competition Podcast Comes to Shadowbox Live

Hope Madden Hope Madden Comic Competition Podcast Comes to Shadowbox Live
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Dino Tripodis has mastered the art of blending experience, bringing his years in standup comedy to bear on his years in Columbus radio, honing those same performance and technical skills in front of and behind the feature film camera. In 2017 he mixed his broadcasting and interviewing talent with a love of whiskey for his popular podcast Whiskey Business, which enlists the help of Columbus-based filmmaker John Whitney behind the camera.

This week, he reconfigures that mix of skills as he and Whitney kick off another podcast, this one part of a live event that combines interview, standup, competition and broadcasting.

“It’s a show called The Premise,” says Tripodis, “It’s us stretching our legs. It takes place on the Up Front stage at Shadowbox Live on July 18. The Premise was created by my video producer John Whitney, and we as a team are just bringing it to fruition.”

This Thursday, Tripodis and a set of guests will record the first Premise podcast in front of a live audience.

“The Premise basically is a comedy competition/gameshow/podcast,” he says, explaining that the program will open like a regular talk show.

“I will open the show, like I always do. Then I will have a comedic guest who will sit down with me,” he says.

The guest for the July 18t show is local comic Sarah Storer from Hashtag Comedy.

And then, on to the competition.

“Then we will meet our two comedic performers,” Tripodis explains. Contestants for the inaugural event are comedian Travis Irvine and improv comic Ben Leddick. “They’ll be handed a comedic premise for the first time that they’ve not known or seen or heard anything about.”

As Tripodis interviews the next guest, in this case, comedian Jason Banks, the two contestants will be given time to write a five minute comic set based on their premise.

“Those two comedic performers will go to the writer’s table, which will have pads of paper, one bottle of water and a donut,” he says. “Why one bottle of water and a donut? Because John Whitney is an ass.”

After Tripodis completes the interview with Banks, the two competitors will perform their original pieces and be judged by the Shadowbox audience.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” Tripodis says of what he plans to be the kick off to a regular new podcast event.

Join Tripodis and guests at 8 p.m. this Thursday, July 18 on the Up Front Stage at Shadowbox Live (503 South Front St.). Tickets are $10 at Shadowbox, and doors open at 7 p.m. Food and drink are available.

Read more from Hope at MADDWOLF and listen to her weekly movie review podcast, THE SCREENING ROOM.

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