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Comfest Bands To Watch: Saturday

Cassandra Zahran Cassandra Zahran Comfest Bands To Watch: Saturday
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Comfest is upon us! Three days of local music, food, vendors, activities, beer and people watching takes place all weekend from June 27th through June 29th. If you plan to go today, here’s four bands you won’t want to miss:

Osage – 12:15 p.m. – Offramp

As the boys have described themselves before, “we play soul inspired folk, as well as folk inspired soul.” Not limited to soul and folk, these six men and their instruments also incorporate experimental jazz and funk themes. Guitar, bass, percussion, keys and tenor saxophone carry the thick sound throughout a room, flirtatiously pulling in the listener. Osage’s unique vocals and harmonies create a genuine, unrehearsed sound that naturally exposes the men for their genuine talents.

Sleep Fleet – 1:40 p.m. – Bozo Stage

It’s loud, it’s garage rock, it’s Sleep Fleet. Sleep Fleet performs in what seems a very cathartic manner.  The crowd faithfully screams, dances and throws their fists in the air right along with the four-piece, creating a lively bunch of hodge-podge punk rockers. The guitar-heavy tracks and diary-like lyrics are relatable to just about anyone who is lucky enough lend an ear. If you cross your fingers, a guitar might be thrown across stage as the finale. This will get your afternoon started the right way

Domes – 6:25 p.m. – Offramp Stage

After the sun has gone down, and the exhaustion is about to hit, make your way over to Domes for the evening entertainment. The ethereal psychedelia band allows you to check out and embark on a mental vacation, or get right in the front row and dance till your brain is a discombobulated mess– both which are absolutely wonderful. Take a chance and experience one of Columbus’ psychedelic rock groups up close and personal. It’s summertime madness.

The Dew Droppers – 9:00 p.m. – Gazebo Stage

Ladies, throw on your polka-dotted dress and ruby-red lipstick. Gentleman, slap on those suspenders and slick back those luscious locks. The Dew Droppers are ready to set the scene for an evening doused with 40s-ragtime-swing. Including Columbus favorite, Counterfeit Madison, the six-piece serenades crowds with impressively ranged harmonies and piano accompaniment, livening any environment. Close your night out with a blast from the 40s.

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For more information, visit www.comfest.com.

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