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Comfest 2013 Round-Up

Briana Henry Briana Henry Comfest 2013 Round-Up
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Believe it or not, I can honestly say that this past weekend’s Comfest was so tame. There were minimal flashes of breasts and 77 arrests out of the 25,000 attendees didn’t seem too shabby. The many complaints and long lines kept me away from buying beer, but I, of course, acquired the oh-so-necessary 2013 Comfest cup. Friday, I strolled to the Offramp stage to see my favorite local band, Psychic Wheels, perform in front of a large audience. Members of the peanut gallery filled the inside of the Offramp tent and spilled out the sides to witness what I’d seen many a time. They seemed to especially enjoy one of my favorite jams, “Magic Spells.”

Saturday. Offramp tent. Unhappy Briana. The Girls! were fantastic, as usual, as Miss Wabbit belted out every song with all of her might while the crowd jammed out. We would have no idea that Comfest would be prematurely shut down…

I realized that I know every word to many a Strangers in Daylight song, and I also realized how much of a bitch Mother Nature could be. Cutting their set about 3/4 of the way, Strangers in Daylight exited the stage as Mother Nature unapologetically pelted Goodale Park with rain. While I said a prayer (ha) and jumped at every flash of light, including those from cameras, it was announced that we would be in the clear in about 15-20 minutes. Meanwhile, The Receiver set up their instruments as we all waited to be entertained. Whilst staring at the stage, waiting for something to pump through the speakers, lookers-on belted out “Bohemian Rhapsody”, only for us to be told that Comfest was to be shut down. Although the weather was clearing, two of the most anticipated acts, The Receiver and Cadaver Dogs, were canceled.

On Sunday, I had the chance to see Comrade Question (pictured) with a couple of friends as well as my mother. Comrade Question had the fever, firing people up and making people excited again for good music. Attempting to make up for Saturday’s disappointment, the park was again flooded with lovers of music, food, hula hoops. This flood of people lasted until the last band of Comfest, Two Cow Garage, laid it all down for us. This year’s Comfest seemed to noticeably have less people, but as always, was a good time. Maybe we can reschedule Strangers in Daylight, The Receiver, and Cadaver Dogs? Comfest re-do anyone?

Photos by Erin Bloodgood. To view our full Photo Gallery of Comfest 2013, CLICK HERE.

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