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Columbus’ Warrior Wear Selling Gear and Giving Back

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire Columbus’ Warrior Wear Selling Gear and Giving BackLocal athletic wear company, Warrior Wear, founded and owned by yoga teacher, Jered Seibert, is adapting to the new fitness world. Photo by Javier Jarrin.
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“I’m deeply grateful to have a strong community of compassionate practitioners and an extremely talented team of freelancers to support us,” says Jered Seibert, owner and founder of Warrior Wear. “Most of our customers are repeat shoppers that I’ve known for a couple of years now, and I speak to them regularly through email and social media. I truly care about their well being. When I see them practicing outside in the Fall weather or in their living rooms, I think to myself how can we support their practice?”

From its 2016 debut trunk show at Yoga On High, Warrior Wear has provided high-quality, well-designed athletic wear.  “I’ve always taken an approach of growing slowly with deep and meaningful relationships while keeping overhead and costs at a minimum,” states Seibert. “It’s an approach that has limited our visibility in some aspects, but it also saved us going into this pandemic. With many of our customers practicing yoga from home, we just launched a high-end line of leggings and tops that are designed for comfort and functionality around the work-from-home, yoga zoom-room, lifestyle.”

Local athletic wear company, Warrior Wear, founded and owned by yoga teacher, Jered Seibert, is adapting to the new fitness world.  Photo by Javier Jarrin.
Jered Seibert of Warrior Wear. Photo by Javier Jarrin.

Seibert’s quest to improve yoga gear for men grew from his unsatisfactory experiences wearing basketball shorts or other athletic wear that lacked stretchability and strategic coverage during yoga asanas. Working with freelance German Village clothing designer Lara Frappier, he went through many prototypes that led to the development of functional yoga gear that solved many of the men’s problems with yoga. Crowdfunding and family helped start the business. “The support here in Columbus really helped get us off the ground,” stated Seibert. 

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Warrior Wear continues to create new items. “I take concepts to our designers and test all of the products myself in the same capacity, before launching them… just like in the beginning,” said Seibert.  His yoga practice is a serious performance test.  Seibert is currently studying with renowned yoga teacher Esak Garcia. “He has a program and teaching path that can lead to the Intermediate and eventually the Advanced series from the Ghosh/Bikram lineage.” Columbus’ last yoga teacher in the Ghosh lineage, Joey McNamara, is now practicing in the South Pacific.  

Local Columbus studios, including Rebecca Morosky Hoffman’s Bikram Hot Yoga Columbus, carry Warrior Wear.  While many of the large yoga and athletic festivals Seibert would have attended in 2020 have been cancelled or curtailed their events due to COVID-19, there are a growing number of customers online for Warrior Wear.

“It makes me happy to say that we’ve adapted, endured, pivoted, and will make it out of 2020,” said Seibert. “Without our great community, this year would have a different ending.” In appreciation of the need for charity and service, Warrior Wear partners with the USA’s largest yoga foundation, Give Back Yoga, so that every pair of shorts sold provides a donation to a variety of programs, including yoga to help military veterans and POC.

For more information check out Warrior Wear visit yogawarriorwear.com.

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