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Columbus – The Indie Art Capital of the World

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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WOSU NewsRoom wroteColumbus – The Inde Art Capital of the World

Andrew Miller, WOSU Commentator

Columbus Ohio, Indie Art Capital of the World.

That’s quite a proclamation, one which Mike Reed and Daniel Fox the local artists who coined the phrase, will gladly stand behind. In fact even Columbus City Council will stand behind that statement. Columbus area arts organizations along with hipster shops and hangouts are all getting behind this proclamation. Why wouldn’t they? Finally Columbus has a moniker that gives it some sort of relevance to young adults and those of us holding onto our youth against all odds.

Is Columbus actually the Indie Art Capital of the World? Well, that’s debatable. I mean, there was no contest held, no vote taken and there are plenty of artists and creative types working to improve their own cities throughout the world. So why does Columbus deserve this title? I believe the fact that hundreds of artists, crafters, shop keeps and organizations have latched onto the idea is exactly why we deserve it. We have thrown down the gauntlet, set a goal and made enough of a ruckus about it that we have no choice but to succeed.


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