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Columbus Streetcar Project Featured in The Alive

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The Alive wrote Rail road

By John Ross

May 22, 2008

Modern streetcars are similar in spirit — though not in appearance or functionality — to the trolleys that lined Columbus streets before being ripped up starting in 1933.

Of the 15 largest metropolitan areas in the United States, only Columbus, San Antonio and Indianapolis lack some system of rail-based transit, according to Alive research.

Benefits, proponents say, are many: decreased dependence on cars, increased commercial development along routes, a boost in tourism, and a better image projected to companies and young professionals the city strives to attract.

“The subway system in New York started with one line,” said Walker Evans, founder of ColumbusUnderground.com and a leading civic advocate for streetcars. “By starting small and using this unique funding package, it could get the ball rolling without increasing taxes. I think once people get a taste of streetcars, they’ll be more likely to support something regional.”


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